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The World of Tamriel 2016-10-05

The World of Tamriel

  1. Le Sage


    By Yali and Le Sage

    This mod lets you play Civilization 5 in the World of Tamriel as seen in the Elder Scrolls RPG Series. The map was created by Yali and I just added mod functions to it to keep it within the Middle Ages and also give the kingdoms the correct names and leader names. There will be more added to this in the future as well; like balancing, units, more suitable buildings and other shiny stuff, but as of right now it will supply you with a good game of Civilization 5, starting in the Ancient Era and ending in the Medieval.

    Credits to Yali for the beautiful map, Le Sage for adding mod functions and Bethesda Softworks for their excellent RPG Series, The Elder Scrolls which served as inspiration. Credits also to Lemmy101 for his Indiestone Tech Tree Editor. And to the team behind Civilization 5, of course.


    Unzip the World of Tamriel files to your MODS folder in MyGames/Civ5. Activate the mod in the Mod Browser, then load the Tamriel Map into the game and be sure to click Load Scenario as well.


    1. tamrielscreenie1_S01.jpg
    2. tamrielscreenie2_9e8.jpg
    3. tamrielscreenie3_cJf.jpg
    4. tamrielscreenie5_Rti.jpg