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The Years of Rice and Salt v1.05 2016-10-05

[For Warlords] Scenario v.1.05

"The Years of Rice and Salt" it's the name of a superb novel from Kim Stanley Robinson. It develops an alternate history of mankind, that separates from real history when the Black Plague kills 99% of European population in less than one year. Basing on this story, here it comes the Civilization IV Warlords Scenario! Choose one of the brand new world powers (the Ottoman Empire, Dar-al-Islam, or Chinese Empire) or one of the other lesser 7 playable civilizations featuring in this scenario:
-Golden Horde
-Mughal Empire
-Japanese Empire
-Persian Empire
-Hodonesauneean League
-Califate of Al-Andalus

To install, just paste the file on your Public Maps folder, and extract it there.

For any comments, suggestions, complaints, bugs, strategies, or any feedback, please refer to this thread:
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