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thecowwarrior's Variety Mod 2016-10-05

thecowwarrior's Variety Mod v1.99

Your custom games feeling a little bland? Give this Mod a try and spice up your game! It includes 33 new civilizations, 127 new leaderheads, 14 new wonders, 6 new resources, 1 new technology, 1 new world project, 4 new traits, and gives every civilization flavor units and great people (around 2000 total!) and buildings. It also contains a slightly reworked naval and air unit system, BBAI for smarter AI play, tech by conquest, lots of new music, a few new victory videos, new religions (you must select the "choose religions" box during game setup) and more! Don't let the large file size scare you, there simply is just that much new content to enjoy!

I originally created this for my friends and I to use (basing it on EthnicMixMoreBlue12), but it turned out pretty neat so I figured I'd post it here too. I want my Mod to feel more like an official expansion pack than a total conversion. The Civ 4 gameplay we all know and love is intact, and hopefully what I have added is nearly indistinguishable in quality from the work Firaxis has done.

I want to stress that very few of the added units/leaderheads/music are original work done by me; I simply used all the amazing releases by the CFC community and made this! Thank the original authors for all their hard work if you like my Mod! If you enjoy playing this though, please take a moment to rate it!


Extract thecowwarrior’s Variety Mod folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4 Complete\Beyond the Sword\Mods

I recommend using WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the files.

Known Issues:

Nothing I know of that is game breaking or causes crashes. There are a couple very minor Python issues that I need assistance correcting, if you would like to help please PM me! If you notice any other problems, post it the thread and I will do my best to resolve them. This Mod was created and playtested on BTS 3.19, and is multiplayer compatible as long as all players have the latest version installed.



Making this has been a learning experience for me. I never once looked at XML code before starting this, but I have learned quite a lot. I've enjoyed making my Mod, but with Civ 6 coming out soon, I doubt there will be much interest in this. I have achieved mostly everything I wanted to - but if someone with Phython skills contacts me, I would love to correct the couple small issues and release a final 2.0 version.

Credits & Thanks:
As I worked on this over the past several years, it has become impossible to keep track of everyone's work I have used. I will name a few that stick out in my mind, I am sorry if I forgot anyone!

I want to personally thank some of the great Modders here - Nitram15, tsentom1, The Capo, Smeagolheart, Wolfshanze, Ekmek, cfkane, Cethegus, General Matt, Heroicfort, Schmiddie, cybrxkhan, and Sword_Of_Geddon for the fantastic Mods they have made and guides they have written. Without their work, among all the others, I could never have made this.
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