Thor's Broken Star 2016-10-05

Thor's Broken Star

  1. Thor Macklin
    Thor's Broken Star is a heavy edit of the Broken Star Scenario.
    Instead of using the original map, I used the Earth Map Russia.
    By doing this players are MUCH more involved with the game
    as soon as they start.

    Version Information
    This is the first version, I'll be updating this from now on.

    Spoiler :
    Version 1:
    1. Removed all hamlets and villages, as the Rebel somehow
    is able to purchase a massive army even though they have
    little-to-no economy.

    2. Gave each country certain strengths in order to help them
    conquer rebel cities.

    3. Dispersed nukes to more accurate (or as accurate as can be)

    4. Added Central Asia, China, And Korea


    1. broken_star_3gz.png