Thor's RFC 600 AD 2016-10-05

Thor's RFC 600 AD

  1. Thor Macklin
    This is a heavy edit of Rhye's RFC 600 AD, designed to
    give players a more detailed world, with more cities included,
    namely for Spain, Byzantium, and also added more cities in Iran.

    The goal of this scenario is to give players a more established
    world to work with, as well as conquer, and to give the computer
    an advantage that should make using european civs an interesting

    Version Info:
    -Added several chinese cities, namely to discourage the founding of Batou, or atleast
    to give that city strategic importance
    -Added 2 camels to San'a in order to help with the conquest of the byzantines even
    if a camel archer is lost whilst trying to take Jerusalem
    -Adjustment to the city of Aarhus
    -Changed north africa a GREAT deal. Added the cities of Tingi and Carthage. Added buildings to the cities there.

    -Added an Aqueduct and a Hamman to Constantinople to take care of any health
    -Removed religious shrines from India
    -Added Harbin (the modern city didn't exist then. But I believe the city, or settlement,
    of Pokai did. I just would prefer to use a more recognizable name.)

    Due to an unfortunate accident, I had to redo the entire map. Thankfully I am
    making excellent time in repairing things.
    Version is now 6


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