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Tibetan Midieval Pack 2019-12-01

5 Tibetan Units

  1. Talvamiir
    Some units for midieval Tibet, in total there are 5 units. An armored horseman, a longbowman, a swordsman, a musketman, and a pikeman.

    These units are each derived from different units; so credit does go to Bakuel, Sezereth. And the sword on the swordsman is from the HOTK modpack.


    1. Tibet_knight.png
    2. Tibet_musket.png
    3. Tibet_pikeman.png
    4. Tibet_longbowman.png
    5. Tibet_maceman.png

Recent Reviews

  1. The Snug
    The Snug
    Version: 2019-12-01
    You can't just make one graphic pack and then disappear...we would like an entire Tibetan set! Please!
  2. Sword_Of_Geddon
    Version: 2019-12-01
    Really awesome, I'd like to see a complete Tibetan set, I know I for one will be using them. Thankyou Talvamiir.
  3. ramzay1945
    Version: 2019-12-01