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Tides of Crimson - Fantasy Mod - V1.6 Patch 2017-04-09

Patch for "Tides of Crimson" V1.2

  1. haluu
    Tides of Crimson is a full conversion Fantasy Mod. This is the 1.6 patch.
    (REQUIRES full install of Version 1.2 - link below)

    - 22 Unique fantasy races with separate unit lines
    - Each race plays entirely different with different gameplay mechanics
    - Revamped fantasy Interface
    - Brand new tech tree
    - Elemental Spheres instead of governments
    - 64 Resources
    - Totally integrated and linked civilopedia
    - Improved AI for certain mechanics
    - Many gameplay changes

    This patch will update your Tides of Crimson mod from Version 1.2 (or any version after 1.2) to Version 1.6

    Version 1.7 is currently in development - will be released early 2021.

    TIDES OF CRIMSON thread:

    Version 1.6 patch changes (April 9th, 2017):

    - increased the transport capacity of all naval transports
    - slightly increased free unit support for most Sphere (government) types
    - added an extra steam-compatible "labels.txt" file in the "Text" folder (that will need to be renamed) for those STEAM users that are experiencing a game crash when trying to build their first city.
    - many balance changes and much more, please see the main thread page.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Wolfhart
    Version: 2017-04-09
    A great mod gets even greater!
    1. haluu
      Author's Response
      thanks for the kind words!! =)