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Tides of Crimson v2.0 Full 2021-05-01

Fantasy Mod for Civ 3

  1. haluu
    Fantasy Mod

    Version: 2.0
    Released on May 1st, 2021
    :trophy:Previous Winner - Mod of the Year

    After downloading ToC Version 2.0, please don't forget to download the ToC 2.0>2.5 patch that contains an important crash fix and game updates
    Tides of Crimson is a full-conversion fantasy Mod with many gameplay changes. Alterations have been made to create diversity among civilizations and improve AI mechanics.


    - Totally Revamped Interface
    - 25 Asymmetric (Unique) races with separate unit lines (more races coming in future releases)
    - New buildings/wonders
    - Magic Spells
    - Elemental system
    - New 4 era fantasy-based tech tree
    - FIXED Submarine bug and Stealth Attack bug (Thanks Flintlock!)
    - A.I. adjustments (i.e. more usage of sea units, better bombardment, etc.)
    - Governments Replaced by Spheres (i.e. Sphere of Water, Earth, Life, Fire)
    - Space Race replaced by collection of items for the Ultima Spell, with new victory movie
    - Completely integrated and linked Civilopedia
    - 64+ different resources
    - Color/icon-coded City build list and Tech Tree for ease of use
    - Colored/modified unit action buttons for "most used" actions
    - much much more!

    Please don't forget to use the alternate "labels - STEAM.txt" to replace the standard "labels.txt" file. This will avoid the in-game Steam user crash. Instructions in the ReadMe in download link.

    For Comments, Questions, Additional Information & Latest News on updates, go to the ToC thread:


    [Tides of Crimson] is a {HoLy FiRe Production}

    {DEVELOPER}: Ha Luu
    {DEVELOPER TOOLS}: Steph, Quintillus, Flintlock
    {INTERFACE BASE ART}: Ha Luu, Triumph Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, mrtn
    {MUSIC}: Square Enix, Triumph Studios, Ensemble Studios, Linkin Park, Darren Korb, Yiruma, Blackmill
    {GRAPHICS}: Kyriakos, Delta_Strife, Tom2050, Rhye, Grandraem, Plotinus, ruby, aaglo, Pounder, Bluemofia, Darque, Supa, mrtn, rhodie, Wyrmshadow, dribbble, Sn00py, Fortis1, Vuldacon, register
    {GAMEPLAY ANALYSIS}: Han Luu, Tom2050, Lamabreeder, tjs282, Ashen
    {BETA TESTING}: tjs282, Tigris of Gaul


    ToC - 1.jpg

    ToC - 2.jpg
    Toc - 3.jpg
    Toc - 4.jpg
    ToC - 7.jpg
    ToC - 8.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Prometheus23
    Version: 2021-05-01
    An absolute masterpiece. I usually just play civ 6, but saw this and gave it a try. I was blown away, this is an amazing rendition of a 20 year old game. Most importantly, it's a lot of fun. I like the differences between civs. I was up until 4am playing this game doing "just 1 more turn", much to the dismay of my wife. I salute you for creating this. Thank you for ruining my marriage.