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Tides of Crimson v2.6 Patch 2021-06-13

ToC 2.6 Patch - Requires full install of v2.0

  1. haluu
    Fantasy Mod
    Previous Winner - Mod of the Year

    This is the Version 2.6 Patch
    It will upgrade Version 2.0 or later to Version 2.6

    Released on June 12, 2021
    Requires Full Installation of ToC Version 2.0 Full
    Version 2.6 patch updates:
    - Added 2 additional (more "PG") Tides of Crimson optional title screens (Options #3 and #4). See ReadMe.txt file for title screen installation instructions.
    - New Unit: Ethropa Swarm Ultralisk available as an upgradeable option from Mothra
    - New Unit: Osiri Militia - a militiary alternate form of Plodders to help defend cities when under invasion
    - Additional AI balancing to reduce issue with some races training too many of one unit (e.g. Mountain Dwarven Dragon Slayers)
    - Waywatchers can now be upgraded to have Far Sight
    - Fixed issue with the city that builds a wonder not getting happiness after building a global-happiness small or great wonder
    - Reduced hurry production with citizen bonus to 25 shields instead of 30
    - Reduced Forest Chop bonus shields to 20 instead of 25
    - Chivalry is now required for era advancement
    - Well of Ashengral now only affects happiness for cities on continent (not global)
    - Fire Sphere tech is now optional just like all other spheres
    - Upgraded Spawning Nest produces a Larvae every 20 turns again (instead of 18), but Nutrient Pool tech cost decreased to 4.
    - Non-upgraded Spawning nest now produces Larvae every 27 turns instead of 25
    - Reduced initial Gold bonus from Gold Mines to +12, but also reduced shield cost to build
    - Corrected Swarmship movement to 4, Frost Rhino movement to 1
    - Rebalanced High Elven Phoenix
    - Blood Coffins (Unique tech for Blood Cult) is now not available until the second era
    - Re-arranged Blood Cult unit tech tree and rebalanced units
    - Sword Sauruses are now invisible but have less teleportation range
    - Reduced cultural bonus of Silk Factory to +2
    - Lumber Mill now costs 50 shields
    - Color coded icons on tech tree for units that can be upgraded to but not able to be built regularly in cities
    - Adjusted Fish resource bonus output food/shields/commerce to 2/0/0.
    - Additional Unit balancing

    Version 2.5 updates:

    - Included in this patch download is Flintlock's latest EXE update. It features improved AI use of offensive artillery among other AI fixes. Click here for more information on his amazing EXE mod.
    - Rat Tanks are now used properly by AI (thanks Flintlock!)
    - Improved AI unit build diversity
    - Secondary Moon Elven Lunar well replaced by small wonder that gives +1 Happiness to all cities
    - Reduced Worker Ant work rate to 100%
    - Rebalanced Ethropa Swarm Evolution units
    - Ehtropa Swarm Mantis now correctly has Zone of Control
    - Mantis defense increased to 6
    - Fixed issue with Work Mules not being able to be sacrificed by most races
    - Slightly reduced frequency of Dark Elven auto-produced units
    - Fixed some Civilopedia inconsistencies
    - Additional game balance updates

    For the change log of previous versions, see the link for the ToC thread below.

    Tides of Crimson is a full-conversion fantasy Mod with many gameplay changes. Alterations have been made to create diversity among civilizations and improve AI mechanics.


    - Totally Revamped Interface
    - 25 Asymmetric (Unique) races with separate unit lines (more races coming in future releases)
    - New buildings/wonders
    - Magic Spells
    - Elemental system
    - New 4 era fantasy-based tech tree
    - FIXED Submarine bug and Stealth Attack bug (Thanks Flintlock!)
    - A.I. adjustments (i.e. more usage of sea units, better bombardment, etc.)
    - Governments Replaced by Spheres (i.e. Sphere of Water, Earth, Life, Fire)
    - Space Race replaced by collection of items for the Ultima Spell, with new victory movie
    - Completely integrated and linked Civilopedia
    - 64+ different resources
    - Color/icon-coded City build list and Tech Tree for ease of use
    - Colored/modified unit action buttons for "most used" actions
    - much much more!

    Please don't forget to use the alternate "labels - STEAM.txt" to replace the standard "labels.txt" file. This will avoid the in-game Steam user crash. Instructions in the ReadMe in download link.

    For Comments, Questions, Additional Information & Latest News on updates, go to the ToC thread:


    [Tides of Crimson] is a {HoLy FiRe Production}

    {DEVELOPER}: Ha Luu
    {DEVELOPER TOOLS}: Steph, Quintillus, Flintlock
    {INTERFACE BASE ART}: Ha Luu, Triumph Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, mrtn
    {MUSIC}: Square Enix, Triumph Studios, Ensemble Studios, Linkin Park, Darren Korb, Yiruma, Blackmill
    {GRAPHICS}: Kyriakos, Delta_Strife, Tom2050, Rhye, Grandraem, Plotinus, ruby, aaglo, Pounder, Bluemofia, Darque, Supa, mrtn, rhodie, Wyrmshadow, dribbble, Sn00py, Fortis1, Vuldacon, register
    {GAMEPLAY ANALYSIS}: Han Luu, Tom2050, Lamabreeder, tjs282, Ashen
    {BETA TESTING}: tjs282, Tigris of Gaul

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