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Tides of Crimson v2.81 Patch 2021-07-10-C

ToC 2.81 Patch - Requires full install of v2.0

  1. Version 2.81-C

    Version 2.81-C patch changes (July 10, 2021):
    - Fixed issue with some immobile units still having 'go to' and 'explore' action buttons. This may also prevent some unexplained game crashing.
  2. Version 2.81-B

    Title correction
  3. Version 2.81

    Version 2.81 patch changes (July 10, 2021):
    - Granary and Maize Farm construction now requires wheat and corn, respectively, within the city radius
    - Wheat and Corn resources are now required to build several animal units and non-horse mounted units
    - Fixed issue with Ghouls not correctly summoning Skeleton Warriors
    - Gardens now have the agricultural trait
    - Beaver Damns now require a river within city radius
    - Fixed issue with Cottiers not automating correctly for worker jobs
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  4. Version 2.80 C

    Version 2.80-C patch changes (July 5, 2021):
    - Fixed game-balance-breaking bug wherein Moon Song spell could be built in every Moon Elven city upon discovery of Elven Song tech
  5. Version 2.80 BB

    Version 2.80 BB - Title Text re-alignment
  6. Version 2.80 B

    Version 2.80-B patch changes (July 4, 2021):
    - Fixed issue with Amazonian Runner's Charm ability not being able to be utilized
    - Decreased cost of Spell Spires
    - Beastmen Captives now automate correctly as workers
    - Goblin Zeppelin movement reduced to 2, to stop over-abuse of having 3 actions per turn
    - Upgraded Goblin Zeppelins now also receive a small bonus to Air Drop range
  7. Version 2.80

    Version 2.80 patch changes (July 3, 2021):
    - NEW UNIT: Shaggoth - More powerful unit at the end of the "Captive" upgrade chain for the Beastmen
    - Renamed several techs with new icons to fit more closely with Tides of Crimson lore
    - Gob Rockets are no longer mobile, but AI now uses them properly against land targets
    - Fixed issue with Golden Age not being the correct 15 turns
    - Fixed misalignment of a few tech boxes in Magic Era when using Brehtons or Moon Elves
    - Slightly decreased...
  8. Version 2.7 F

    Version 2.7 F patch changes (July 3, 2021):
    - AI is now more aggressive with Chaos Dwarven Turtle Bombs
    - Slightly lowered AI aggression levels closer to pre-version 2.7 levels
    - Some additional unit rebalancing
  9. Version 2.7 E

    Version 2.7 E
    - Fixes crash when player or AI builds a "Burna" unit if you don't have Civ 3 Complete installed.
    - Fixes critical crash when building Life Tower
  10. Version 2.7 D

    Version 2.7 patch changes (June 27, 2021):
    - Included in this version is Flintlock's latest EXE Patch C3X_R7 that allows scrolling between civs on the diplomacy screen, among other great updates!
    - New Great Wonder: Walls of Essengar that provides free Wooden Walls to all cities on continent
    - Fixed Lightning Sphere's high corruption bug
    - Lightning Sphere now has an additional building to reduce corruption (similar to Spire of the Sunset)
    - Fire, Lightning, and Chaos Spheres are now...