Tides of Crimson v2.86 Patch 2021-09-15a

ToC 2.86 Patch - Requires full install of v2.0

  1. Version 2.80

    Version 2.80 patch changes (July 3, 2021):
    - NEW UNIT: Shaggoth - More powerful unit at the end of the "Captive" upgrade chain for the Beastmen
    - Renamed several techs with new icons to fit more closely with Tides of Crimson lore
    - Gob Rockets are no longer mobile, but AI now uses them properly against land targets
    - Fixed issue with Golden Age not being the correct 15 turns
    - Fixed misalignment of a few tech boxes in Magic Era when using Brehtons or Moon Elves
    - Slightly decreased defensive value of higher level Midnight Dragons
    - Corrected inaccuracy in Civilopedia that states Beast Temple gives +3 Happiness. Corrected this to display +1 Happiness.
    - "Short Teleport" unit action button renamed to "Short Teleport or Air Drop" to clarify it's use when using Air Drop ability.
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