Tides of Crimson v2.86 Patch 2021-09-15a

ToC 2.86 Patch - Requires full install of v2.0

  1. Version 2.81

    Version 2.81 patch changes (July 10, 2021):
    - Granary and Maize Farm construction now requires wheat and corn, respectively, within the city radius
    - Wheat and Corn resources are now required to build several animal units and non-horse mounted units
    - Fixed issue with Ghouls not correctly summoning Skeleton Warriors
    - Gardens now have the agricultural trait
    - Beaver Damns now require a river within city radius
    - Fixed issue with Cottiers not automating correctly for worker jobs
    - Increased Attack rating of Sludge spell created from Mohaj Basin
    - Blethius Chateau is now more expensive to slightly increase difficulty of Diplomatic Victories
    - Fixed issue with Harbors not being color-coded correctly as small wonders in city screen
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