Tides of Crimson v2.86 Patch 2021-09-15a

ToC 2.86 Patch - Requires full install of v2.0

  1. Version 2.86a

    - Small civpedia update for below 2.86 patch.
  2. Version 2.86.

    Version 2.86 patch changes (September 15, 2021):
    - Overhauled unit AI build choices for all races to create more diversity in AI military
    - Fixed issue with the Steam version not displaying resource names on tile info box (Requires a re-install of the specific C3X_R8 file attached with this mod. Instructions in the ReadMe file.)
    - Fixed issue with Skaven AI building too many Assassins & Jade Empire building too many Mages
    - Fixed issue with Blood Harpy not having lethal ranged attack...
  3. Version 2.85

    Version 2.85 patch changes (September 6, 2021):
    - Standard output for plains tiles changed to 2 food / 0 shield / 0 commerce
    - Rebalanced output and appearance ratios of several plains-specific strategic resources
    - Work mules now produce less culture when sacrificed, and are now slightly more expensive to upgrade to a race-specific worker
    - Quevarian Railway is now the Quevarian Trail to fit more with fantasy setting
    - Amazonian Runners have +1 Attack and can now move quickly through...
  4. Version 2.84

    Version 2.84 patch changes (September 2, 2021):
    - Great Wonder Traits are now documented in Civilopedia to allow player to more easily target a Golden Age
    - Rearranged Orb Cannon upgrades
    - Orb Cannon one-time short teleport now has much greater range
    - Corrected issue with Andori summoned units being able to be disbanded
    - Fixed issue from version 2.82 that caused no AI civs to go for Earth Sphere
    - Earth sphere unit support bumped back up to pre 2.82 levels
    - Fixed some civpedia...
  5. Version 2.83

    Version 2.83 patch changes (August 30, 2021):
    - Fixed issue with Andori not being able to upgrade Work Mules to Drifters
    - Increased output of Corn & Wheat resources
    - Gaja Stone now provides more Shields
  6. Version 2.82

    Version 2.82 patch changes (August 29, 2021):
    - Inclusion of Flintlock's latest EXE patch entitled "C3X_R8" that features:
    * AI now properly using 'domestic' crops & animals to increase city population
    * Fixed issue with certain units incorrectly being named after the 'ruler' of a race
    * Display of coordinates and forest "chopped" status in each tile's info box
    * Much more!
    - NEW UNIT - Orc Warlord
    - NEW UNIT - Hobbit Nut Trap
  7. Version 2.81-C

    Version 2.81-C patch changes (July 10, 2021):
    - Fixed issue with some immobile units still having 'go to' and 'explore' action buttons. This may also prevent some unexplained game crashing.
  8. Version 2.81-B

    Title correction
  9. Version 2.81

    Version 2.81 patch changes (July 10, 2021):
    - Granary and Maize Farm construction now requires wheat and corn, respectively, within the city radius
    - Wheat and Corn resources are now required to build several animal units and non-horse mounted units
    - Fixed issue with Ghouls not correctly summoning Skeleton Warriors
    - Gardens now have the agricultural trait
    - Beaver Damns now require a river within city radius
    - Fixed issue with Cottiers not automating correctly for worker jobs
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  10. Version 2.80 C

    Version 2.80-C patch changes (July 5, 2021):
    - Fixed game-balance-breaking bug wherein Moon Song spell could be built in every Moon Elven city upon discovery of Elven Song tech