Tides of Crimson v2.92 Patch

Tides of Crimson v2.92 Patch 2.92

Fantasy Mod
Previous Winner - Mod of the Year

This is the Version 2.92 Patch (download is in 7-zip format)
It will upgrade Version 2.0 or later to Version 2.92

Released on September 24, 2022
Requires Full Installation of ToC Version 2.0 Full

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How to Install:

Update to above Installation video as of 9/24/22: .biq scenario file is now "TIDES OF CRIMSON.biq" (no version number). Please delete older .biq files with version numbers on them to avoid confusion.


30 NEW Tides of Crimson Features:

How to Play ToC video series, For Civ 3 Beginners:

Let's Play Overexplained: Wood Elves video series:

Version 2.92 patch changes (September 24, 2022):
- Fixed issue with more mobile units not being able to escape from losing battles (Thanks Flintlock!)
- Includes the latest version of C3X from Flintlock (C3X_R13)
- Fixed Crash caused by viewing 2nd Era tech tree page while playing as Undead
- Fixed issue with some AI civs not building their most important civ-specific small wonders
- Increased likelihood of AI civs building sphere-specific buildings and spell spires
- Fixed issue with Moon Elven Sorceress not having Summon ability
- Increased game turn limit to 10,000 turns
- Reduced Hit Points of early Dragon Fledges by 1
- Slightly adjusted world sizes
- Reduced Brehtonian Auction House happiness bonus to +1
- Reduced Brehtonian Treasure chests to +4 commerce resource bonus
- Pig Farm & Phoenix Aviary culture boost corrected to +1
- Beast Temple civpedia entry now correct diplays +1 Happiness attribute
- Civpedia now correctly does not list the Moon Elves as immune to flood plain disease,since
- Fixed some additional civpedia inconsistencies

For the change log of previous versions, see the link for the ToC thread below.


Tides of Crimson is a full-conversion fantasy Mod with many gameplay changes. Alterations have been made to create diversity among civilizations and improve AI mechanics.


- Totally Revamped Interface
- 26 Asymmetric (Unique) races with separate unit lines (more races coming in future releases)
- New buildings/wonders
- Magic Spells
- Elemental system
- New 4 era fantasy-based tech tree
- FIXED Submarine bug and Stealth Attack bug (Thanks Flintlock!)
- A.I. adjustments (i.e. more usage of sea units, better bombardment, etc.)
- Governments Replaced by Spheres (i.e. Sphere of Water, Earth, Life, Fire)
- Space Race replaced by collection of items for the Ultima Spell, with new victory movie
- Completely integrated and linked Civilopedia
- 64+ different resources
- Color/icon-coded City build list and Tech Tree for ease of use
- Colored/modified unit action buttons for "most used" actions
- much much more!

NON-STEAM USERS (i.e. GoG.com version):
Please don't forget to use the alternate "labels - NON STEAM.txt" to replace the standard "labels.txt" file. This will avoid the in-game Steam user crash. Instructions in the ReadMe in download link.

For Comments, Questions, Additional Information & Latest News on updates, go to the ToC thread:


[Tides of Crimson] is a {FrOsT FiRe Production}

{DEVELOPER TOOLS}: Steph, Quintillus, Flintlock
{INTERFACE BASE ART}: Ha Luu, Triumph Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, mrtn
{MUSIC}: Square Enix, Triumph Studios, Ensemble Studios, Linkin Park, Darren Korb, Yiruma, Blackmill, Pascal Letoublon
{GRAPHICS}: Kyriakos, Delta_Strife, Tom2050, Rhye, Grandraem, Plotinus, ruby, aaglo, Pounder, Bluemofia, Darque, Supa, mrtn, rhodie, Wyrmshadow, dribbble, Sn00py, Fortis1, Vuldacon, register, Orthanc, Micaelus, Ares de Borg
{GAMEPLAY ANALYSIS}: Han Luu, Tom2050, Lamabreeder, tjs282, Ashen, Und3r6r0und, Arexander, tomma
{BETA TESTING}: tjs282, Tigris of Gaul



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This might be one of the best, if not the best Civ 3 mod. Great and immersive gameplay with a ton of fantasy options. Love trying out all the races as well! Great update!
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