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Tlalynets Civ III Civics Mod 2016-10-05

Tlalynets Civ III Civics Mod

  1. Tlalynet
    A small change to play the way I like to play.

    It uses the original gamecore, if you want to change that go ahead. Posted at V 1.0. Paked in .zip

    Cities Founded at size 2.
    +2 Trade Routes Per city.
    Unit Upgrades Cheaper.
    XP to levelup does not snowball, Various XP bonus builds changed to reflect this.
    +1 National Wonders per city, +3 in OCC.
    Victorious Seige Weapons get 2 EXP.
    20% Less GPP Cost increase.
    20% Less GG Cost increase.

    No buildings Obselete (Must rebuild Monuments ect when Stonehenge obsoletes).

    Despotism gets 1 Draft
    Monarchy gets 2 Drafts, +1 Happy Per Military Unit, +50% to GG Rate.
    Represetations Provides +1 All Commerse for Specialists, 1 Draft +25% WW
    Faschism gives 3 Drafts, -50% WW, -50% GPP Rate, -2 Trade Routes, +100% GG Rate, +25% Unit Production,
    +2 Happy Per Military Unit,-100% GG Rate in Boarders (Must War Aggresively to get GG Bonus)
    Universal Democracy provides +1 Food and hammer Per town. 1 Draft. +50% WW

    Vassaladge tweaked to accomodate new XP formula.
    Nationhood is now Spy Civic, +2EP per Specialist, +25% EP.

    Serfdom makes farms produce 1 commerce.
    Caste System adds 1 culture to specialists.
    Emancipation provides 2 Happy in Largest Cities.

    Enviromentalist Forest Preserves now create a food to make the Enviro Strategy viable.
    Enviro Windmills Produce an extra food.

    Theocracy is now an Elite Military Civic, +2 Cost per unit, new units get +2 levels each.
    -100% GG emergence from Pacifism. +1 Science Per Specialist.

    Pyramids Cost 400, Gives +1 Free Specialist.

    Representitive Government availible with Philosiphy.