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Tomatekh's Benin Empire for VP v.4

Adds a VP adaptation of Tomatekh's Benin, led by Ewuare. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP.

  1. Hinin
    Adds Hinin's adaptation of Tomatekh's Benin Empire for Vox Populi. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP.

    To talk about it

    Credits :
    - Tomatekh : Original Design, Research and GameText, Map, DoM screen, CivIcon
    - Janboruta : Leaderscreen, LeaderIcon, UU1 UnitIcon, UB UnitIcon (from Nri civilization)
    - Leugi : Improvement 3d model and ImprovementIcon
    - JTitan : dds modification of Songhai Pikeman for UU1
    - Gedemon, Nutty & Dolen2 : Original 3d models from Ethnic Diversity for UUs (Songhai Pikeman and Ethiopia Oromo_Orange)
    - LastSword : UnitIcon for UU2 (from Ashanti civilization)
    - Hinin : VP adaptation, new Design, Research and GameText

    Main reference : Osarhieme Benson Osadolor, M. A. The Military System of Benin Kingdom, c. 1440 - 1897. Hamburg, 2001

Recent Updates

  1. Fixes, UB buff and QoL
  2. Fixes and UA change
  3. Isienmwendo tweak and flavor changes