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Tomatekh's Benin Empire for VP

Tomatekh's Benin Empire for VP v.5

- Increased the chopping speed bonus from the UA from -2 to -4 turns
- Removed the CS and Health bonus from the Igunematon ; replaced it with a small Production and Science bonus whenever a Unit dies
- Fixes to GameText and the Igunematon being buildable by all civs (courtesy of gwennog once more) :thumbsup:
- Added a floating notification above the capital whenever GEngineer points are gained from the UA
- Buff to the Igunematon : now can be built in five cities
- Fixed a problem with the Leaderscreen, the 3d model of the Iya when pillaged, and the Civilopedia article of the Igunematon
- UA changed : now gains Great Engineer points from leveling up (courtesy of gwennog :hatsoff:)
- Changed Battle Songs to heal for 35 HP when killing instead of +10% CS per adjacent hostile Unit (the function didn't work as intended)
- Changed Leader flavors
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