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Tomatekh's Historical Religions v.18

Adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game.

  1. v.17

    Hey everyone! v.17 is more a maintenance update than anything else. I still don’t really have the time to add new religions to the mod at the moment. So, I focused on house cleaning, fixing some bugs, and adding some requested options to the config file.

    - Joao added to the files (Catholicism)
    - Slightly tweaked the colors of the preferred religions to separate them more on the game map
    - Fixed some of the city bar size religion icons to appear more distinct (I still have a few more I need to correct in the future)
    - Misc. copy-editing and text changes to the pedia files
    - Corrected the Japanese and Chinese language text keys so the files now properly load
    - Corrected issues with some of the other translations not adjusting for enabled denominations
    - Added additional alternate religion preference options to the config file (primarily focused on modern civ equivalents which was frequently requested)
    - Added a config file option to change the default name of several of the religions (mostly based on requests, will look into expanding this option in the future)
    - Misc. bug fixes

    Mod updates are usually incompatible with older saves. If you need a previous version to finish an older save, a download link for v.16 is included at the bottom of the Steam Workshop description.

    I hope everyone is well and still enjoying the game and mod!
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