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Tomatekh's Historical Religions v.17

Adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game.

  1. v 10 Part 1

    v.10 Update (Part 1)

    So, good news and slightly disappointing news. As many of you know, the Religion Lens issue has plagued this mod since last October. Leugi (the amazing modder that he is) finally solved the issue! However, it was only solved last week. It actually takes some time to implement the fix, as I need to manually do it for every icon in the mod (all 140 of them). Needless to say a week is not nearly enough time to do them all. In the meantime, I also needed to post an update so the mod can load with Rise and Fall as well as a general leader preference update.

    So, in order to post a working update as soon as possible, I’ve made the compromise to set the mod to load in “Light Mode”. Light Mode is normally an option in the mod’s config file where the mod only adds about ~10 new religions to accommodate preferences for all the officially included leaders. The Light Mode religions are now all fully functional (icons, religion lens, historic moments) and up to date.

    Essentially, this is part 1 of the update. The mod works again, all the new leaders have preferences, and I have more time to work through the remaining 110 icons. When they are finished, I’ll post part 2 which will re-enable all the religions as well as the config file options. Hopefully, part 2 won’t take too long. In the meantime, I hope everyone understands and can still enjoy the mod.


    - The mod now works with both the base game and the Rise and Fall expansion.
    - The mod (temporarily) will only load in light mode.
    - All light mode religions now function with the religion lens.
    - Added “historic moments” art for the light mode religions.
    - Amatongo, Tengriism, Wakan Tanka, and Witran Mapu added to the light mode religions.
    - Shaka now prefers Amatongo; Genghis Khan now prefers Tengriism, Poundmaker now prefers Wakan Tanka, Lautaro now prefers Witran Mapu.
    - The mod now has a new ID #
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