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Tomatekh's Historical Religions v.17

Adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game.

  1. v 10 Part 2

    v. 10 Part 2

    - All religions re-enabled and fully functional with the religion lens
    - Config file re-enabled
    - Added the ‘HR_CUSTOM_NAMES’ option to the config file. When enabled, all historical religions not preferred by a leader or included in the base game will function as a custom icon.

    - Miscellaneous bug, compatibility, and text fixes


    Still To Do For Part 3 (Sometime Next Month)

    - Set Catholicism and Orthodoxy to use their updated icons
    - Add strategic view icons for the lens
    - Correct the pedia to properly update entries when changing denominations in the config file

    - Additional config file options


    NOTE: Mod updates break saved games made with the previous version. If Steam updates your mod automatically, there is a download link for the previous version at the bottom of the mod description (above) which you can use to continue your saved game.
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