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Tomatekh's Historical Religions v.18

Adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game.

  1. v.16


    - Trieu – Lite: Buddhism / Complete: Tho Than / [Config Option: Buddhism (Mahayana)]
    - Kublai x2 – Lite: Buddhism / Complete: Buddhism (Vajrayana) / [Config Option: Tengriism]
    - Vajrayana & Tho Than added to the Lite Mode Exception Config list
    - Moved Tho Than from the files to the active mod
    - Moved the Mask Icon from the files to the active mod
    - Misc. edits to the text, colors, religion order
    - Various bug fixes (Thanks for the reports!)

    Mod updates are usually incompatible with older saves. If you need a previous version to finish an older save, a download link for v.15 is included at the bottom of the Steam Workshop description.
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