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Tomatekh's Historical Religions v.17

Adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game.

  1. v.12a


    - Hotfix to correct a crash when certain religions where disabled.
    - Fixed it and the load order issue so re-added the HR_CHRISTIAN_DENOMINATIONS, HR_DISABLE_UNUSED_BASE_RELIGIONS, HR_NO_CUSTOM_ICONS options to the config file
    - Misc. text and code changes.

    - Updates reset the configuration file. Please check your preferences before starting a new game.
    - I believe the hotfix should be compatible with previous saves providing you reset the configuration file to your...
  2. v. 12

    v. 12

    - Mod is now compatible with Gathering Storm (as well as all previous DLC)
    -New leaders set to: Matthias (Catholicism), Laurier (Catholicism), Eleanor x2 (Catholicism), Kristina (Catholicism – option for Protestantism [Lutheranism] in the config file), Mansa Musa (Islam [Sunni]), Suleiman (Islam [Sunni]), Dido (Canaanism), Kupe (Manaism [Puata Tupuna]), Pachacuti (Pachaism [Ayni])
    - Added Kepercayaan and Odinani to the mod
    - Moved a few of the religions from the “Unfinished Religions”...
  3. v.11

    - General changes to support Gathering Storm
    - Canaanism, Pachaism, Tala-e-Fonua added to the HR Lite Religions
    - Shia (Twelver, Zaidiyyah, Ismailiyyah, Alawites), Din-i Ilahi, Legalism, Spiritism, Palo added to the mod
    - Several additional options added to the configuration file
    -- Split up several of the denomination/icon groupings into multiple groups
    -- Specific groups of religions can now be disabled
    -- Specific leaders can now be set to an alternate historical preference
  4. v.10.3.a


    -Small update to correct the Mesoamerican Denominations crash, should have no impact on existing saves. However, remember to reset the configuration file to your preffered settings before loading an older save.
  5. v. 10 Part 3

    Okay, Part 3 of the update. I know it’s soon after the previous one, but I didn’t want to leave the issues I mentioned hanging:

    - Catholicism and Orthodoxy use their updated icons
    - Pedia entries now correctly update with config options
    - The custom name option now pre accommodates some mods without support
    - Added a German translation by stevie-the-curious (thanks!)
    - General bug and text fixes

    The strategic view pressure icons used in the religion lens are still not working. I couldn’t...
  6. v 10 Part 2

    v. 10 Part 2

    - All religions re-enabled and fully functional with the religion lens
    - Config file re-enabled
    - Added the ‘HR_CUSTOM_NAMES’ option to the config file. When enabled, all historical religions not preferred by a leader or included in the base game will function as a custom icon.

    - Miscellaneous bug, compatibility, and text fixes


    Still To Do For Part 3 (Sometime Next Month)

    - Set Catholicism and Orthodoxy to use their updated icons
    - Add strategic view icons for the lens...
  7. v 10 Part 1

    v.10 Update (Part 1)

    So, good news and slightly disappointing news. As many of you know, the Religion Lens issue has plagued this mod since last October. Leugi (the amazing modder that he is) finally solved the issue! However, it was only solved last week. It actually takes some time to implement the fix, as I need to manually do it for every icon in the mod (all 140 of them). Needless to say a week is not nearly enough time to do them all. In the meantime, I also needed to post an update...
  8. v 9


    - Anito (Phillipine), Ahmadi, Chiminigagua (Muisca), Fât Roog (Serer), Mahoma(Calusa), Mwari Cult (Shona), Pohakantenna (Shoshone)
    - 2 Additional Custom Icons
    - The mod now has a load order of -1

    Remember, the configuration table is located at the top of the “HR_Religions_Master.sql” file.

    The update is not compatible with save games using the previous version.
  9. v8

    v. 8
    - Compatibility update for the July patch
    - Amanitore prefers Pesedjet

    The configuration table has been moved to the top of the “HR_Religions_Master.sql” file.

    Please make sure to delete any old versions of the mod that may be in your Content or Mods folders. The update is not compatible with save games using the previous version.

    (Known Issues: The religion pedia text does not properly update if changing its individual denomination with the configuration table. I will try to...
  10. v. 7

    v. 7

    - Adventism (Christianity), Santería (Afro-Cuban), Orenda (Iroquois), Romuva (Lithuanian), Suomenusko (Finnish), Tala-e-Fonua (West Polynesian), Napir-tuniis (Elamite)
    - Added 3 additional custom icons
    - Cleaned up various od icons, text, names, etc.
    - Added a partial French translation (mostly names) by zebenji
    - Misc. mod support

    A link to download the previous version (to continue old saves, etc.) can be found at the bottom of the Steam workshop description.