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Tomatekh's Kyivan Rus' (Yaroslav the Wise) for VP

Tomatekh's Kyivan Rus' (Yaroslav the Wise) for VP v.4

Adaptation of Kyivan Rus for Vox Populi. Does not require the original mods.

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(All Rights Reserved to original authors)

Original mod Tomatekh's Kievan Rus' (Yaroslav)
  • Leugi: Leader screen.
  • janboruta: Leader, UB1, and Civ icons
  • Danrell: Unit graphic
  • Andrew Holt: DoM voiceover
  • Tomatekh: All code and art otherwise not listed for the original mod
From TarcisioCM’s Sicily (Roger II)
  • Janburta and Danrell: UU1, Icon and 3DModel
From RawSasquatch’s Zaporozhia (Bohdan Khmelnytsky)
  • RawSasquatch : UU2, Icon and 3DModel
From JFD’s Zaporizhzhia (Ivan Sirko)
  • Sas : UB2, Icon
Adaptation for VP
  • Jarcast : Design, Coding (With Capital C), UU1 Icon modification, Great source of motivation
  • Hinin : Design
  • Gwennog : Design, Coding, UU1 3DModel modification, Promotion Icons
Special Thanks :
  • Jacarst: For relaunching this project right after a discussion and providing the whole structure of the mod in 2 days :crazyeye:
  • Whoward69, Adan_eslavo: Lua sources and inspirations
  • HungryForFood: Lua API wiki
  • Astérix Rage: Icon and Screen dimension guide, toolbox and manual for all artistic parts
  • VP teams for all bug fixing work and to improve VP again and again
Old adaptation for VP by Gwennog
First release
Last update
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  3. Music bugfix, WarTheme Change, Ukrainian text correction

    Fixed a bug which caused the music not to continue after the end of the peace theme Increased...
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