Tomatekh's Timurids for VP - 4UC compatible

Tomatekh's Timurids for VP - 4UC compatible 15

2UC and 4UC now work in the same mod (don't require manipulating files)
credit to @jarcast2
no longer supporting separate 2uc and 4uc mods. extra components now set to conditional triggers
removed national population requirement from Registan
Great Merge Compatibility
deh text and database fixes
corporation buildings are excluded from being stolen
icon and code improvements
Icon updates for Registan/Madrasas
No balance changes
Added unique ability that disables city razing. Should be more AI-friendly
immobile while damaged lost on unit upgrade
Registan Changes:
- Culture on technology unlock reduced to 50 (down from 100, still +25 from base Oxford)

Madrasah changes:
- All madrasahs had their free GWAM points increased to +3, up from +2
- All madrasahs base yields increased to +3 sci/prod/cul and +1 faith. Sher Dor no longer generates +2 tourism
- Ulugh Begh Madrasah University bonus increased to +2 science

Tumen changes:
- Increased CS to 37
- fixed help and strategy texts
CPDLL now has the NoBuild incorporated as a trait. This should resolve a major bug.
New promotion icons, courtesy of Asterix Rage
UA reworked ==> +1 to all yields in Capital whenever a city you are razing loses 1 population or is destroyed. Cancelling razing disables the yields from losing population
Farsakh Cannon ==> RCS reduced to 40 (was 42)
Deh ==> 10% land trade route distance per Deh worked removed (high computational burden, and was too subtle a benefit. Could actually hurt you as often as it helped)
attempt to resolve Macedon compatibility issue
Update posted:
VP 03-17 compatibility
Enlightenment Era compatibility
removed floating point from version number.
No other changes
disabled UA from stealing tradition policy buildings
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