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ToT Age of World Wars 2016-10-05

ToT Age of World Wars

  1. Doc Dirhed
    I've found an classical old-school scenario "20th century" by unknown author from mid '90s. Available in old civfanatics database (probably previously uploaded in Apolyton)
    My contributions are several barbarian cities on middle east, and a few revised scenario parameters. And also conversion from MGE to TOT.
    The game starts in the eve of WW1, july 1914, and lasts to year 1958, on the wold theater (original world.mp map).
    You can play your version of two world wars as ENGLISH, RUSSIANS, FRENCH, GERMANS, AMERICANS, CHINESE or JAPANESE. Default difficulty level is "the king". Names of the rulers are set in the time of WW1, and, of course, you can choose a different name:king:.
    Just unzip and enjoy!

    Doc Dirhed


    1. screenshot_at_2013_02_19_23_32_39_89p.png