ToT Midgard Fix (ENG/GER) 1.0

ToT Midgard Fix (ENG/GER) 1.0 2020-01-07

The fix by catfish, "translated" into the german version (by me). Contains english and german (and could contain YOUR language, if you send me your language's midgard files)

Original Thread:

I recommend also using the Test of Time Patch Project. Don't forget to disable the custom river/road/railroad movement function (if that's still broken).

Quest Patch for Test of Time's Midgard Scenario

Various bug fixes for quest events. In the original version, Bifrost would fail to appear after the completion of the 10 quests.


* King Flytrap: Introduced the Map parameter to tighten up triggers.
* The Frost Giant Pact: Split the event that turns off flag 31, so that flag 4 is (correctly) turned on.
* The Labyrinth Treasure: No Continuous modifier on flag 5. Fixed.
* The Dwarven Hoard: No Continuous modifier on flag 6. Fixed. Introduced the Map parameter to tighten up triggers.
* Jack O'Lantern Genesis: Removed the 'No Broadcast' parameter from the Text action. It's incompatible with the Builder parameter in the CityProduction trigger. As a result, no tribe is defined and no text is ever displayed. I've rewritten the text in the third-person, as everyone will see it.
* The Sack of Rot: The original event failed when the city was destroyed because the event action used the TriggerAttacker wildcard and there is no Attacker parameter for the CityDestroyed trigger. That means, no money, no goblet and no quest completion. The event has been rewritten so that the quest is still successful, but there's no money or goblet. There's also a more appropriate text message. City walls have been added to the city to reduce the chance of this event triggering - would require sabotage.
* Combined the 2 Bifrost/Unspeakable Horror events into one to compensate for the loss of heap space due to the Frost Giant fix.


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