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Tourism Mod (BTS 3.19) 2016-10-05

Tourism Mod (BTS 3.19)

  1. stolenrays
    Tourism Mod (BTS 3.19)

    This small modcomp makes it so that your cities generate Tourism commerce based on the trade yield of your cities.

    -Your cities will earn Tourism Commerce each turn when enabled.
    -Tourism is calculated from the tradeyield of your cities.
    -Tourism is enabled by the Environmentalism Civic.
    -United Nations Wonder increases Tourism amount (+50%) per turn in all cities.
    -Custom Game Option.

    -------For Modmakers-------
    -Changed C++ files are included
    -Changed C++ and XML files
    -C++ Changes are commented as Tourism Mod

    -------Version 1.0-----------
    -Added Custom Game Option
    -Standalone Ported from Total War by jojoweb

    Credits go to Total War by jojoweb. I took the code out of his mod and playtested it to get it working.



    1. tourism1_I3Z.jpg
    2. tourism2_Bm2.jpg
    3. tourism3_TGU.jpg