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Toussaint's Maya 1.0

Adds the Mayan Civilization to the game, lead by Pacal.

  1. Toussaint10326
    20170824173936_1.jpg This mod adds the Mayan Empire lead by Pacal the Great. Pacal is responsible for many of the Wonders and Artifacts that we see today.


    UU: Atlatlist. The Atlatlist replaces the Archer, and it is significantly more powerful. It, however, is weaker when attacked by melee units.

    UU: Holkan. The Holkan replaces the Spearman. It moves faster, but it is slightly weaker than usual.

    UB: Ball Court. The Ball Court replaces the Arena, and provides +1 Amenity extra, as well as 2 Culture.

    UU: Mayan Pyramid: The Mayan Pyramid replaces the Shrine, it produces the regular amount of Faith, except when adjacent to Rainforest tiles. It will produce +1 Faith per Rainforest.

    UA: The Long Count. Pacal will receive a 25% discount when purchasing Great People.

    CA: Mesoamerican Ballgame. At the start of Defensive Wars, the Mayans will receive +50 Gold per turn for 10 turns, and Holy Site buildings will yield Science along with the usual Faith output.

    Leader Agenda: Shield of the Sun. Pacal likes Civilizations that are religious, but despises Civilizations with low Science output.

    Credits: Firaxis. Piruparka, who provided ideas for the Civ.

    Compatibility: YnAEMP and all mods made by me. It currently uses the music from the Aztec civilization.

    Want to make your own custom Civ? Look through my tutorial! https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/how-to-create-your-own-civilization.621377/ DISCLAIMER: You must have a REALLY good reading!

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