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Toussaint's Portugal 2017-08-12

Portuguese Civilization, Custom Civ

  1. Toussaint10326
    Good day, Portugueses! Today I behold unto you the Kingdom of Portugal! Play as who is known as the greatest king consort in Portuguese history - Ferdinand II! When you play as King Ferdinand you have the ability to build the Royal Academy, a great replacement for the Library that provides extra science, food, and culture! Only because King Ferdinand was such a cultured man. The unique units are the Nau and the Organ Gun, which replace the Caravel and Field Cannon respectively. Also, please note this mod is still a work in progress and will have a lot more updates, including a unique unit hopefully. I appreciate your patience and hope you still enjoy the mod in its current state!

    This mod is compatible with all Gedemon's terrific Yet (not) Another Map Pack mod, for all the options except Largest Earth. It also works with my own Hungary mod. All other mods may or may not work with this Civ. The Lisbon City-State is replaced by the Andorra City-State when this mod is enabled.