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This mod adds the Scottish Empire lead by King Robert I. Robert fought King Edward II of England to keep Scotland an independent nation.
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UB: Clan Castle. The clan castle replaces the Barracks. It provides extra housing and amenities.

UU: Gallowglass. The Gallowglass replaces the Pikeman, it moves faster, and isn't effected by weariness in friendly territories.

UA: Victor of the Bannockburn. When one of his units eliminate an enemy, it heals up to 50 hit points. Holy Sites can be constructed in half the time.

CA: Celtic Roots. Maintenance cost of all units is reduced by 1 Gold. Additionally, all units have a 50% flanking bonus.
Leader Agenda: Defender of Scotland. He likes Civs based on his continent. Hates people that attack City-States.

Compatibility: YnAEMP and all mods made by me.
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