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Toussaint's Scotland 2017-08-12

Adds the Scottish Civilization to the game, with TSL support.

  1. Toussaint10326
    This mod adds the Scottish Empire lead by King Robert I. Robert fought King Edward II of England to keep Scotland an independent nation.
    SC PgPrev.jpg

    UB: Clan Castle. The clan castle replaces the Barracks. It provides extra housing and amenities.

    UU: Gallowglass. The Gallowglass replaces the Pikeman, it moves faster, and isn't effected by weariness in friendly territories.

    UA: Victor of the Bannockburn. When one of his units eliminate an enemy, it heals up to 50 hit points. Holy Sites can be constructed in half the time.

    CA: Celtic Roots. Maintenance cost of all units is reduced by 1 Gold. Additionally, all units have a 50% flanking bonus.
    Leader Agenda: Defender of Scotland. He likes Civs based on his continent. Hates people that attack City-States.

    Compatibility: YnAEMP and all mods made by me.