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Toussaint's Shoshone

Toussaint's Shoshone 1.0


This mod adds the Shoshone Tribe lead by Chief Pocatello! Pocatello and his war-band lead raids on the emigrants that traveled the Oregon Trail.


UU: Pathfinder. The Pathfinder replaces the Scout. Pocatello will try to train as many of these as possible, to explore and expand his lands.

UU: Comanche Rider. The Comanche Rider replaces the Cavalry, and is a deadly weapon that has Recon unit promotions.

UA: Tondzaosha: Chief Pocatello will receive +3 Gold and +2 Faith from each envoy he has at City-States, additionally units will receive XP +50%. He also receives +1 Military Policy slot.

CA: Great Expanse: Additional territory upon founding cities.

Leader Agenda: King of the Oregon Trail, likes Civilizations that are his friend, and will try to befriend as many people as he can. Hates civilizations that attack or steal City-States.

Credits: This project was originally Steam user Pod's, and I was sad to see it had gone unfinished. That is why I decided to make it, so everyone that wanted to have the complete Shoshone Civ in the game could! All Pocatello textures belong to Firaxis.

Compatibility: YnAEMP and all mods made by me. It currently uses the music from the American civilization.

Want to make your own custom Civ? Look through my tutorial! https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/how-to-create-your-own-civilization.621377/ DISCLAIMER: You must have a REALLY good reading!
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