Tovarish Tweaks (TT) 3.0

Simple changes of game pace, strategic resources and Era score I feel original game got wrong

  1. Tovarish
    THIS MOD IS TESTED AND CONFIRMED TO WORK EXACTLY HOW INTENDED except for nuclear submarines that didn't submit to my intended changes no matter how hard I tried.

    This mod basically contains 3 small mods, so you can pick only 1 of them if you wish. Here is a brief description what this mod does:

    1)prolongs game pace (science & culture & great people) while building costs remaining the same. Nearly the same as "8 ages of pace" mod but not exactly the same. What this does is that you can have meaningful developments in early ages. You can conquer or be conquered even in Ancient/Classical era now, so no longer is true that eras pass by faster than you can live in them. Each era has its own significance now.
    I personally play and suggest choosing "Epic" speed with this mod, but it works well with any speed you prefer.
    Note: I personally choose 25% tech and civic boosts with a seperate mod. The more significant is each tech (harder to research), the lesser boost it shall have. Just a thing for your consideration.

    2)Balances strategic resources. I made unit costs to my liking, the way I feel they shall cost. I feel there is now a truly strategic aspect to strategic resources, just like it shall be. In addition, I increased every units' cost by 1 gold, so large armies are a bit costlier to maintain and gold surplus a bit smaller.

    3) Feel bored by how often you get Golden age? Do not remember when it was last time you got Dark age? Suffer no longer! I have increased thresholds to Golden age and Dark age. So you really have to try hard to get those golden ages now! 2 Golden ages in a row - almost impossible now! Dark age has a real chance now!

    There is no magic in this mod or large work, the code is very easy to change, so feel free to make your own changes if you feel like doing so. A simple and necessary mod in my opinion.
    The changes are so simple, they are not affected by what game version you have. It shall work with vanilla game or/and Gathering Storm or whatever game version you have.


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