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Trade Routes 2.3.1 SDK changes 2016-10-05

Trade Routes MOD : Changes to SDK files

Only the files that I modified are included in the zip. The parts that contains my codes start with // CA edit

Summary of changes:
1. Victory condition for total gold
2. Improvements, such as port and airbase properties
3. Trade routes: extra research, culture, gold
4. Connect plot groups with airlifts (eg airports and airbase)
5. Player treasury of food and hammers, process, borrow
6. Read, write new XML elements
7. Expose to Python
8. Interface strings (widget, civilopedia)


2: Properties include require coastal land, coastal land makes valid, build outside borders, connect network terrains, connect trade network, airlift, no adjacent. (Build outside borders courtesy of TheLopez.)

4: Trade Network aka PlotGroups connect all plots with airlift ability. Units can airlift to and from airbase improvements.

5: Chopping put hammers into treasury. Emphasize avoid growth put food into treasury. AI know to use treasury food, hammers.

6: Reads new schema elements. Loads partial XML files.
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