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Tradingposts - ReColored 2016-10-05

Tradingposts - ReColored

  1. poncratias
    As we all think the tradingposts are really ugly and kind of immersion breaking, I started this first attempt to change them.

    This is fully modular, totally combineable with "Tradingposts - No Tents", you can use only 1 of them or both together, just as you like.

    Tradingposts - ReColored V1

    All the tradingposts got recolored, nomore funky bright colors, everything seems more fitting to the rest of the game.

    You have to manually install them, but it's really easy (just 1 time copy&paste), you also don't have to backup anything, backup files are included!



    1. med_before_50V.jpg
    2. med_after_9c1.jpg
    3. mod_before_zZh.jpg
    4. mod_after_Ksq.jpg