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Tradition (Up to date with Barbarian Clans update) 2.0

Immerisve flavour adjustments to do with culture and heritage!

  1. Trashperson
    Tradition 2.0.jpg
    Tradition is a simple flavour mod that renames several aspects of the game for accuracy and immersion, with all parts being modular in the settings.

    This mod's genesis was with how it always kinda bugged me that the legacy policy cards had such uninspired names, being just the government's name and the word 'legacy' trailing behind. Therefore, this mod renamed them to various real-world policies, such as 'Constitutional Monarchy', or 'Politburo'. Additionally, it renamed many of the governments to have more accurate names. Democracy is not only the purview of Capitalism, and Communism is an awfully broad term for what comes down to representing Marxist-Leninist regimes, so both amongst others have had their names changed. However, coming back to it a month later, I have introduced extensive new changes, deviating sharply from this mod's original intention- the closest to a consistent throughline is that all the changes affect aspects surrounding culture and heritage! All parts of the mod can be switched off, and many options may be selected, in Mods/Tradition/UserSettings.sql. The list of changes is as follows-

    - Renames all legacy policies to have new, unique names.
    - There built-in compatibility for legacy policies added by JNR's District Expansion: Goverment Plaza (Tier 4), which can be activated in the settings.​
    - Renamed many governments to be more accurate and specific.
    - If using JFD's Rule with Faith, these government names will need to be switched off for compatibility.​
    - Renamed several districts and the Amphitheater.
    - The changes to the Entertainment Complex are redundant with JFD's Rule with Faith, and the changes to the Theater Square and Amphitheater overwrite the change provided by JNR's Urban Complexity. In the case of the latter, all that does is allow you to select between British and American spellings of the building.​
    - Renamed certain concepts pertaining to victory, specifically Era Score, Score, and the Diplomatic Victory Resolution.
    - The changes to Era Score are redundant with JFD's Rule with Faith. The latter change, towards immersion, was inspired by Leuigi's Appeal, Loyalty and Prestige (Diplo VP) Font Icons, and they compliment eachother well.​
    - Renamed all levels of walls.
    - If using JFD's Rule with Faith, these wall names will need to be switched off for compatibility.​
    - Has built-in compatibility with all scenarios where I felt it was relevant. (For example, I do not change 'Score' in the Australia Scenrio, as it reflects a specific mechanic, that being GPT.)
    - Has built-in compatibility with sundry mods, and more!. The 'and more!' is doing a lot of legwork here, as I programmed this by-hand over a week trapped in a dreary haze name-searching relevant terms in the LOC files of all the many mods I currently have downloaded. Below are just the ones I distinctly remember dealing with during that period.
    - City Lights
    - Civitas: City-States Expanded
    - Earth 2020
    - JFD's Rule with Faith
    - JNR's Arcana Imperii, Climate Balance, Re-civilized, and Urban Complexity
    - Nomina
    - Religion Expanded
    - Take Your Time: Ultimate​
    - As well a variety of optional settings:
    - Deactivate the changes made to legacy policies.
    - Deactivate the changes made to governments.
    - Deactivate the changes made to infrastructure.
    - Deactivate the changes made to victory conditions.
    - Deactivate the changes made to walls.
    - Change whether wall names are in the gerund (Fortifications), noun (Fortress), or are appended with - Walls (Fortress Walls)
    - Change whether Ancient Walls' names should be derived from Ramparts or Walls
    - You can change spellings to match American spellings rather than British.
    - Acitvate built-in compatibility with JNR's District Expansion: Goverment Plaza (Tier 4).​

    To change the settings, go to Tradition/UserSettings.sql. Instructions are provided within.

    A total list of changes can be found here under the 'Traditions' tab.

    This mod does not affect saves.

    I must give thanks to the below people for inspiring several of the changes-
    - JFD, for introducing me to changing the wall names, renaming the Fairground, and for giving me permission to use both. Also he introduced Glory before me, and while it is an accident of convergence, I must respect that he was ahead of me there.
    - JNR, for inspiring me to rename the Theater Square, and for renaming the Amphitheater to 'Theater' ahead of me doing it.
    - Leuigi for creating Appeal, Loyalty and Prestige (Diplo VP) Font Icons, which inspired me to change the name of the Diplomatic Victory resolution.
    - The Developers of Humankind, for the use of the term 'Fame' to refer to the cumulative score of a game.
    - And finally the game developers, for being the ones that intitially came up with Glory and the wall names, even though they didn't use them in the final release.​

    I programmed this all by hand, to guarantee care, adherence to convention, and to root out edge cases (examples being keeping capitalisation consistent to how terms appeared originally, and cases such as where a 'Theater Square' is referred to as a 'Theater District'). While this means there should be less neglected errors, it doesn't annihilate the possibility, so if anyone uncovers a case where the mod is not working, please get in touch so I can update it promptly!

    My other mods are Periphery, which alters City-states names for accuracy and immersion, and Religion Expanded, Shrunk, which implements only the religion slider from the base mod so players can play without the other content.

    I hope people enjoy it and find it useful! And I welcome any feedback! Additionally, as I do not own the Steam version of the game, I am unable to upload it to the workshop- if anyone is able to on my behalf please contact me so we can get it done.
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