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Traits for RoM 2.6 2016-10-05

Traits for RoM 2.6

  1. AAranda
    This little mod adds a few traits and modify a few others:


    - AGRICULTURAL TRAIT MODIFIED It gives 1 extra food per spots with 4 or more , instead of 5

    - SEAFARING TRAIT MODIFIED It gives combat1

    - SCIENTIST TRAIT MODIFIED It gives 10% science points , instead of 15%



    - ADDED MILITARISTIC TRAIT It gives commando and city raider1 promotions

    - ADDED WISE TRAIT It gives 1 sciense point per city and 50% to great people

    - ADDED BUILDER TRAIT It gives 1 extra hammer per spots with 4 or more and 10% to build wonders

    - ADDED FORESTIC TRAIT It gives woodsman1 promotion

    - ADDED HIGHLANDER TRAIT It gives guerilla1 promotion

    - ADDED ARCTIC TRAIT It gives arctic promotion

    - ADDED DESERTIC TRAIT It gives desertic promotion

    - ADDED FIELDER TRAIT It gives fieldsman1 promotion



    Simply replace the originals documents for the ones provided .Don't worry , the originals are included.
    Of course , you have to include the trait you want to use in your desired leaderhead.To do that open the CIV4LeaderHeadInfos file , inside ASSETS/XML/CIVILIZATIONS , using worpad and paste that on your selected leader: