Trakoria - the Rise of the Clavian Empire Scenario (FW) 2.0

A fantasy scenario by Pauli Paananen based on the Swedish role playing game Trakorien.

  1. Blake00
    A fantasy scenario by Pauli Paananen based on the Swedish role playing game Trakorien.

    Mod files downloaded from Web Archive backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE.

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    Original Description/Intro:
    Trakoria - the Rise of the Clavian Empire, is a scenario for Civilization II based upon the Swedish role playing game Source Book called Trakorien. If you are not familiar with this Source Book, you can always check the Trakoria Online Manual for more information.

    The Trakoria scenario differs so fundamentally from the original Civ2 that a full overview of the game rules and parameters is necessary. Of course you are helped if you master your original Civ2 by heart, but you should not take anything for granted! If you are familiar with the RPG Source Book on which this scenario is based upon, you would be similarly helped by your knowledge …

    If you haven't heard of the Trakorien Source Book, make sure to get all the background information from the second section of the Trakoria Online Manual. The third section — Scenario Strategy — is not yet available, but is under construction. The first section — Scenario Manual — isn't available for now, unfortunately, since the v2.0 of Trakoria differs so much from the earlier versions. The Trakoria Online Manual should however be complete in a near future.