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Troglodyte Stone Thrower 2016-10-05

Troglodyte Stone Thrower

  1. ambrox62
    On request, I made a troglodyte man, throwing rocks during range combat animation.
    It could be used as a pre-warrior unit for civs or as a early barbarian, throwing stones at you (as The_Capo suggested :) )

    This unit is fully playable with nifscope, has both shader and no-shader nif and all strictly needed art files.
    The package contains 1 animation folders (called "anim"), and a "anim_effects" folder to manage the combat with stones. A detailed stone_thrower_readme.txt file into "anim_effects" folder explains how to play this unit into a mod or into your customized Civ4 environment.

    Spoiler :

    Use this THREAD to post comments or questions, or to visit my complete collection of Stone Age units