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TROLL 2016-10-05

Born on Halloween, he had always felt that a curse. Trouble seemed drawn to him, and he to it.

Then came that day. The day he drew blood. It was such a little thing. An, accident really. But, oh it felt so good. He felt ashamed and scared of his increasingly wicked thoughts and impulses. Then every slight and imagined wrong began to come back to him. He felt his anger and hatred grow. He felt their stares, their silent mockery. Who were they to judge him? Why should he let them label him. This time he struck with a purpose, with a reason. And it felt so good. Their fake surprise, and crys of "why" inflamed him. As if they didn't know? As if they didn't bring this on themselves? It was what they deserved.

After that the changes began. At first he was frightened... But then he realized it was their fault. And, with that the changes came faster. He felt his strength grow. His sense of power was amplified. Soon he began to take joy in the terror his new appearance caused him.

They would pay, and but before their eyes glazed over, they would worship him with their fear. Now was his time. Now was the time of pain, blood and retribution.


Update v.1.01 Nov 1, 2006
Fixed a error in the INI file. (default animation was RUN instead of DEFAULT)
Added the missing units32 ICON

Winner of the Unit of the Month for October 2006
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 3 ratings
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