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True Prophets Mod for BtS v3.19 (v0.7) 2016-10-05

A Mod which requires you to use a Great Prophet to found the 7 religions of the game-via a special Religious "building". You can gain these Prophets by building-& manning-various Ancient Temples, Burial Grounds & Sacred Sites-as well as the usual Religious Wonders (Stonehenge, Oracle, Temple of Artemis).

The following things have been added:

Religion founding "buildings":
Spoiler :
Tao Te Ching-Required to Found Taoism. Prereq: Taoism.
Analects of Confucius-Required to Found Confucianism. Prereq: Code of Laws.
The Gospels-Required to Found Christianity. Prereq: Theology.
The Ark of the Covenant-Required to Found Judaism. Prereq: Monotheism.
The Noble Eightfold Path-Required to Found Buddhism. Prereq: Meditation.
The Kaaba-Required to Found Islam. Prereq: Divine Right.
The Vedas-Required to Found Hinduism. Prereq: Polytheism.

"Pre-Religion" Buildings:
Spoiler :
Native American Temple.
Central American Temple.
African Temple.
Greco-Roman Temple.
Egyptian Temple.
Asian Temple.
Mid-Eastern Temple.
Celtic Temple.
Teutonic Temple.
Burial Grounds.
Sacred Site.

EDIT: Major update (v0.6) Added new nifs & buttons for the various early religious buildings, & have added Civilopedia & Strategy text for all buildings. Although the AI now knows how to use Great Prophets to Found religions, it doesn't seem especially good at constructing those buildings it needs to produce them in the first place. If anyone can suggest how to change their habits, I'd appreciate it :).

EDIT: Another significant Update (v0.7). All Nifs & Buttons are working properly now. Major improvements have also been made to the AI (a big thank you to Afforess for his assistance) but tweaks are still ongoing in this area. Still need to add tags for Building Obsolescence, so that all Ancient Religious improvements can be made obsolete not long after the founding or adoption of a major religion.

Known issues: models for new religious buildings seem to be *pink* for some reason-problem has been fixed as of v0.7.

There are still some balance issues in the game still. I tried to beef up the Great Prophet point rewards for the various ancient religious buildings-so that religions won't appear too late in the game. The only problem is that I can't think of a way to make these buildings expire once you acquire one of the 7 main religions. Tech-based obsolescence doesn't seem appropriate &, though switching to a new Civic will make it impossible to construct the buildings in a new city, it doesn't obsolete the effects of existing buildings. Any suggestions you guys could give to alleviate this problem would be greatly appreciated!

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the game.

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