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Trump - The Art of the Deal V2

Making America Great Again - One Deal at a Time

  1. sman1975
    Trump - The Art of the Deal (v2). Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States, and therefore one of, if not the key player in the game of power politics in the early 21st Century.

    He leads an economic powerhouse of an economy, with world-class military might. This mod seeks to provide the experience of leading such a civilization.

    UA: "The Art of the Deal" - Trump's U.S.A. can create 25% more Trade Routes. All Trade Routes with another Civilization or City-State provide +1 Gold and +1 Culture. Birth rate of Great Persons is increased by 25%. Customs House provides +1 Gold, and the Manufactory provides +1 Production. Bombers start with Evasion Promotion, and Fighters start with Sortie Promotion.

    UB: Trump Towers - The tribute to opulence increases city Gold income by 15%, +7 Culture, and +5% Great Person generation. +50% of the Culture output of Wonders and Improvements in the city added to Tourism. +50% Tourism output from Great Works. Replaces the Hotel, and only Trump`s U.S.A. can build it.

    UA: The Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) - This airborne beast is a massively powerful conventional bomb, using a one-shot attack which destroys the unit when it strikes an enemy target. It may be based in a player-owned friendly city or unit that can carry aircraft. They may move from base to base or attack an enemy unit or city with their range of 9. Requires 1 Oil resource.

    upload_2018-2-28_10-5-27.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-6-40.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-6-9.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-7-6.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-7-38.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-8-4.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-8-36.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-9-1.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-9-24.jpeg upload_2018-2-28_10-10-8.jpeg

    Acknowledgements: This mod was conceived by Mosile, with input from DracoTheGreat. It uses ideas from several mods, including "The Trump Empire" by Gushi, "Donald Trump's Great America" by WG완비탄, and "Donald J. Trump" by Techpriest.

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  1. Trump - The Art of the Deal

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  1. Mosile
    Version: V2
    Good project to work on, Would be very interested to work on more in the future.