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TSL Asia Map (49 x 50) 2016-10-05

TSL Asia Map (49 x 50)

  1. Omega_Kabob
    My first map, based off of Veneke's wonderful Standard (80x52) Earth Map TSL.
    From Yerevan to Kyoto, and Kuala Lumpur to Moscow.

    Requires Korea DLC.

    Playable civs:

    - Arabia
    - Russia
    - Persia
    - India
    - Siam
    - China
    - Mongols
    - Korea
    - Japan


    - Yerevan
    - Almaty
    - Lhasa
    - Kathmandu
    - Kuala Lumpur
    - Hanoi
    - Hong Kong
    - Manila

    Make sure to click, Load Scenario!


    1. screen_shot_2013_05_24_at_5_44_37_pm_89f.png