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TSL Earth Remastered 1.9.6

Supports Gathering Storm + Rise and Fall. Includes Tiny Earth and Cordiform Earth maps.

  1. totalslacker
    Minimap.jpg Europe.jpg East Asia.jpg Southeast Asia.jpg South Africa.jpg North America.jpg CordEarth.jpg CordEarth North Atlantic.jpg CordEarth Eurasia.jpg TinyEarth Globe.jpg
    Remastered version of the Firaxis True Start Location Earth. Supports Gathering Storm, Rise and Fall and all DLC content. Includes updated versions of smellymummy's Cordiform Earth and Arendelle's Tiny Earth. Redesigned maps with real world resource placement, more resources, natural wonders and better start positions. Game balance has been carefully weighed against realism.

    Vanilla Civ 6 not supported. Download the Vanilla version here.
    The Vanilla version has no gameplay changes or extra features, and supports Rise&Fall and Gathering Storm as well.


    1. TSL Earth Remastered
      Based off the Firaxis True Start Location Earth map.
      Another take on the Earth map. Certain regions have been upscaled.

    2. Cordiform Earth
      Based off the Cordiform Earth map by smellymummy, as featured in Yet Not Another Map Pack.
      This map is warped to enlarge Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia at the expense of fringe areas of the world. The Arctic Ocean at the top of the map is now at the center of the action, unlocking a new strategic dimension to explore, and its melting ice caps hide valuable resources to be uncovered in Gathering Storm!

    3. Tiny Earth
      Based off the Tiny Earth map by Arendelle.
      The smallest Earth map possible!

    • This mod incorporates the Gold luxury resource from the Australia DLC. You can also use Sukritact's Resources or Civitas Resources Expanded for the Gold resource instead.

    • Australia player spawns horses and sheep nearby when it is on the map. Otherwise they don't appear on the continent.

    • The default distance between cities has been reduced from 3 tiles to 2 tiles. This can be changed in the Rules.sql file.

    • Capital cities and city states can not be acquired through loyalty when using Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm. To turn this feature off, open the following files from the mod folder in a text editor and delete their contents, but not the files themselves:
      • LoyalCapitals_Modifiers.sql
      • LoyalCapitals_PalaceChanges.xml
    • City states no longer acquire territory through envoys. This can be turned off in the Rules.sql file:
      SET CanAnnexTilesWithReceivedInfluence = 0 change from 0 to 1

    • Use a mod that increases the total number of pantheons, like Religion Expanded, if you play with more than 24 players, or you may run out of pantheons to choose from and be unable to continue your game

    • Maps do not support multiple leaders for one civilization at this time. If two leaders for the same civ are selected in one game, randomly or otherwise, only the first one on the list will appear in-game

    • Resource rules have been updated to allow for improvements to be built on resources regardless of the terrain or feature, primarily to assist the AI. All resources can now be removed, to ease District placement. Resources were also updated to appear on a wider variety of terrain and features to make it easier to make changes in the worldbuilder.

    • These rule changes will affect your other games if you leave this mod enabled

    Recommended Mods
    Terra Mirabilis
    Adds Cerro de Potosi, Krakatoa and Sri Pada to the maps.

    Sukritact's Fuji
    Adds Mt. Fuji to the maps.

    Sukritact's Resources
    The Bison resource will appear in North America when this mod is active.

    Religion Expanded
    When playing with more than 24 players the game can run out of pantheons for you to choose from and you'll be unable to continue. Use any mod, such as this one, that increases the total amount of pantheons.

    More Civs Allowed in Multiplayer by p0kiehl
    Multiplayer support for playing with more than the default number of civilizations.

    Known Issues

    When playing with more players than a default huge map (20-25), players will appear without colored borders. Use one of the available jersey mods to resolve this problem.


    Vanilla Civ 6 not supported. Download the Vanilla version here.

    Affects resource generation on the map. Full list of changes in Resources.sql (open with a text editor) in mod folder.

    Adds modifiers to the Palace building. See the section above in the README about capital and city state loyalty

    Extract the contents of the zip file into your mods folder.

    Alternatively, the mod can be found on steam:

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