TSL Earth Remastered 2.3.6

Supports Gathering Storm + Rise and Fall. Includes 5 TSL Earth maps with YNAMP features

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    • Real world resource placement and Real City Names
    • Random Ice Cap generation and Ice Melting with Global Warming (GS)
    • Includes 5 Maps: Standard Earth, Tiny Earth, Cordiform Earth, Huge Earth and Giant Earth
    • All maps support the maximum number of players with YNAMP (60 players)
    • Full control over map options, with the ability to randomize settings (except map size, which only changes the number of players and certain size-based settings like number of religions)
    • True start locations for all Civs, with dynamic starting locations for City-States
    • Every natural wonder from Vanilla, Rise & Fall, and Gathering Storm where possible
    • Supports Gathering Storm, Rise & Fall and all DLC content and Civs
    • Supports natural wonder mods including Terra Mirabilis and Sukritact's natural wonders, as well as Sukritact's civilization mods (other Civ mods can be supported) (Limited Support for now)

    • Minimum distance between cities is 2 plots, to prevent starting locations from overlapping with all Civs on the map
    • Capital cities and city-states will always remain loyal, to prevent early game collapse from loyalty due to starting distance
    • Loyalty pressure from cities has been reduced
    • Minor changes to resource generation
    These changes are designed to balance the game when playing with the maximum number of players on these maps.

    All changes can be disabled from the mod files or UserSettings.sql, see README below.

    1. TSL Earth Remastered
      Based on the Firaxis True Start Location Earth map. Standard (84*58)
      Another take on the Earth map. Certain regions have been upscaled.

    2. Cordiform Earth
      Based on the Cordiform Earth map by smellymummy. Standard (80*52)
      Explore a new strategic dimension on this map based on the Stabius-Werner projection of the Earth.

    3. Tiny Earth
      Based on the Tiny Earth map by Arendelle. Tiny (44*26)
      The smallest Earth map possible!

    4. Cogitator's Huge Earth
      Based on the Cogitator's Huge Earth map. Huge (106*66)
      Converted to LUA map script and added YNAMP features.

    5. VIKING's Giant Earth
      Based on the TSL - Huge Earth Map - 150x94 by MX 171. Giant (150*94)
      Added Resource Exclusion zones for semi-random real world resource placement.
      Note: Does not contain imported resources at this time, please use the Map Generator resource option with the options above

    • All user settings are now configurable from the UserSettings.sql file (open in a text editor). See Rule Changes section in the Civilopedia for full changes.

    • Resource rules have been updated. See Resource Changes section in the Civilopedia.

    • This mod supports the Gold luxury resource from the Australia DLC. You can also use Sukritact's Resources or Civitas Resources Expanded for the Gold resource instead.

    • Australia player spawns horses and sheep nearby when it is on the map. Otherwise they don't appear on the continent.

    • Use a mod that increases the total number of pantheons, like Religion Expanded, for more than 24 players, or you may run out of pantheons to choose from

    • These rule changes will affect your other games if you leave this mod enabled

    Recommended Mods
    Terra Mirabilis
    Adds Cerro de Potosi, Krakatoa and Sri Pada to the maps.

    Sukritact's Fuji
    Adds Mt. Fuji to the maps.

    Sukritact's Resources
    The Bison resource will appear in North America when this mod is active.

    Religion Expanded
    When playing with more than 24 players the game can run out of pantheons for you to choose from and you'll be unable to continue. Use any mod, such as this one, that increases the total amount of pantheons.

    More Civs Allowed in Multiplayer by p0kiehl
    Multiplayer support for playing with more than the default number of civilizations.

    Known Issues

    When playing with more players than a default huge map (20-25), players will appear without colored borders. Use one of the available jersey mods to resolve this problem.


    Vanilla Civ 6 not supported. Download the Vanilla version here.

    Affects resource generation on the map. Full list of changes in Resources.sql (open with a text editor) in mod folder.

    Adds modifiers to the Palace building. See the section above in the README about capital and city state loyalty

    Extract the contents of the zip file into your mods folder.

    Alternatively, the mod can be found on steam:

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