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[TSL] Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack v.22 2016-10-05

YnAEMP is a TSL map pack using a custom advanced setup menu and realistic random resource placement. Now you can use a True Starting Location map with custom option : select exactly how many and which civilizations you want in game, set your victory condition and other game options usually unavailable when using this kind of maps.

menu screen :
Spoiler :

option list :
Spoiler :
CS Placement : placement option for the city-states
- Only TSL : use only CS that have a TSL (40 available for giant earth, 23 for huge and 12 for standard)
- Random and TSL : this option will use TSL for the CS that the script can place, and use random selection for the others or those which were too close of another civ
- Totally random : All City States get random placement

City-States separation : minimum distance between CS and other civs. This will not be used when using the Totally random option, and will replace randomly a CS with TSL that is placed under the minimum distance when using the Random and TSL option. When you use it with the other options, the script may not be able to place as much CS as selected in the top slider.

Resources : a coefficient appliqued to the number of resources placed on the map. Note that by defaut the number of resource is also scaled depending of the number of players (CS included)

Bosphorus Strait is a sea : place a sea tile between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. If not checked, a river will represent the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits.

Remove United States from game : if you want to use a random selection of civs and be sure that the USA won't be present in the new world 2000BC, then this option is for you. If you choose to play at the USA, this option will have no effect.
It will remove the US units at the start of the game, so if you select 10 random computer civs and USA was one of them, you'll get only 9 civs in game...

Add major deposits of strategic resources : will try to place the deposits defined in the ResourceRegionPos.xml file. Currently, all major oil and coal deposits are defined (see the <Resource_YagemGisementPosition> part of the XML).

Use true geographic resource placement : this option will prevent some resources to be placed in the wrong region. For example, Ivory will only be found in Africa and South-Asia, you won't find spice or silk in europe, no horses in America, etc... The region position are defined in the ResourceRegionPos.xml file, and the resource exclusion is set in the ResourceRegionExclude.xml file.

Add specific resources at starting positions : Place resources (set in the CivilizationsRequestedResource.xml file) for each civilization. You can set up to 5 resources to be placed for each civs.

Don't scale resources with players : when checked, the resources won't be scaled to the number of players, without this, if you launch a game with 20 civs and 40 City States, you can get a map with more ressources than you may want...

The realistic random resource placement options are only available for the giant and huge maps.

Actual map list

(screenshots size are relative to map size)

- Yet Another Giant Earth Map (180x94) : edition and convertion of Genghis Kai GEM for civ4.
Quadcore CPU and at least 4 gb of RAM on 64bit OS are recommanded to use this map.
Spoiler :

- Yet Another Huge Earth Map (120x80) : Dale's huge Earth edited with Europe and Japan upscaled
Spoiler :

- Standard Earth Map (80x52) : a cordiform projection version made by smellymummy
Spoiler :

- Standard Europe Map (79x73) : Dieter's Europe CiV
Spoiler :

All civs have true starting locations for those maps. The TSL for civs and CS are set via XML files, this way custom civs and CS could be added without needing to edit the maps...


- Important : when updating always remove the previous version of any mod from your mod folder

- update your version of Civilization to at least patch

- download the civ5mod file to your mod folder (..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS).
- launch civ5, go in the Mods menu and wait a few seconds for the files to be extracted. If the automatic extraction is not working, use 7zip to manually extract the mod (the .civ5mod file is a 7zip archive) in the mods folder.
- find the "Yet not Another Earth Maps Pack" line and activate the mod.
- from the mod section, click next, go to single player and then to custom game
- do not use the classic set up game option, to get the new advanced setup menu, you must go in custom game, then select Yet (not) Another Earth Maps and click on Load Mod

As a complement, there are independent city-states mods with TSL designed specially for this map pack (see attachment in the mod's thread) :
- Madeira's Selection of ancient city-states to use with the giant map only (still beta version)
- Ynaemp City States for vanilla Civ5, without overlapping start positions and less CS to give more place to European civs.
- Ynaemp City States Extended, with 45 CS with TSL. Due to game engine limitation, only 41 can be loaded in game, and on those, some may be erased at start because of overlapping start location.
- Ynaemp City States for G+K: Add new CS to G+K, you can then use YnAEMP only spaced CS for G+K to remove CS that are to close from other Civilization (require G+K Expansion)

The add-on mods for vanilla civ5 shouldn't be activated at the same time, if you do it the custom game setup menu will tell you and refuse to launch. The add-on for G+K can be used together (And I'd suggest you to use both)

And I also suggest the use of my conversion for YnAEMP of mihaifx's City States Leaders mod (see screenshot below)
Spoiler :


- Some files may need to be merged : MapGenerator.lua and WorldBuilderRandomItems.lua if they are used by another mod.
- This mod reinitialize and change 3 resources table : Resource_TerrainBooleans, Resource_FeatureTerrainBooleans, and Resource_FeatureBooleans. Any mod updating those tables should be loaded after this one.
- Since version 0.2, the YnAEMP City state Leader mod does not override any file.


- Add a new TSL for a custom civilization / city state
Spoiler :

you can add a TSL for any custom civ by editing the CivilizationsStartPos.xml file (or MinorCivStartPos.xml for a city state).

you need 2 things :
- the civilization type name (like "CIVILIZATION_ARABIA") that you'll find in the custom civ mod files.
- the tile location of the map you want to use it in.

for example, if you want to add the dutch TSL on the giant map, open Earth_Giant_blank.Civ5Map in the world builder, locate the plot here (edit plot tab) and note it (I'll use plot 16,70).

then find the tag <Civilizations_YagemStartPosition> (or <MinorCiv_YagemStartPosition> for CS) in CivilizationsStartPos.xml (or MinorCivStartPos.xml for CS), and add a row like this:


(search/insert in the <Civilizations_YagemStartPosition> tag for the huge map and <Civilizations_CordiformStartPosition> for the standard map)

(note that I havn't checked if "CIVILIZATION_DUTCH" is the right type, verify in the dutch mod ;) )

save your change and try to start a game selecting the Dutch, if all civs start at random pos, then you may have made a typo in the XML file.

you're limited to 22 major civs in game atm, if you have all the DLC then you'll have at least one civ missing in game if you use any custom civ.


If the game crash when loading the giant map, try the old version, aka YAGEM (loaded the "normal" way, ie mod -> single player -> set up game -> choose map). If this version alone lead to a crash, then you're probably limited by the the actual civ5 executable and/or your hardware.

Before reporting a bug, please try the following :
- Delete the content of your game cache folder (..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\cache\)
- Enable lua loging : open the config.ini file (in "..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5") with notepad or any other text editor, find the line with "LoggingEnabled = 0" and replace by "LoggingEnabled = 1"
- Launch YnAEMP, and if you still have the bug go to the "..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Logs" folder, open Lua.log with your text editor, and send me a PM with a copy/paste of the content of the file with a description of your problem. (or save the log as a .txt file and post it here)

Minimum Civ5 patch version required :, I can't provide support for older version of Civilization V.

To do

- convert the realistic random resource placement for the standard map
- add new natural wonders at semi-random position
- make a dynamic history mod

Credits and Thanx :

Genghis Kai, Dale, smellymummy, Dieter VonClam for their great maps :goodjob:
Ambrox62 for his maps and the AMC mod
Madeira, PseRamesses and everyone on this thread for test reports, comments, suggestions and help debugging the mod
mihaifx for the City States Leaders mod

Version history
Spoiler :

v.22 (Jul 20, 2013)
- Move Babylon 2 tiles south on the Giant Earth to allow Assyria to settle it's first city.
- Fix the number of resources placed on the map when playing with no city-states
- Fix the maximum possible number of CS shown on the setup screen (to reflect the change from the 28, 34, or 43 civs DLL)
- Add djvandyke's "Greatest Earth Map" with realistic resource placement (but not the "add major deposit" option yet)
- Add TSL for BNW Civs on the Huge Earth Map thanks to Montijin
- Add TSL for BNW Civs and CS on djvandyke's "Greatest Earth Map" thanks to Al-Iskander
- Add a lake near Aztec TSL on the Giant Earth map
- Change the "No US" option to "Only native American" option (remove USA and Brazil from the game)

v.21 (Jul 08, 2013)
- Added Starting Positions for Brave New World Civilizations and City-States on Giant Earth and Large Europe maps.
- Bugfix: make Spain selectable when using a resolution height of 768 pixels or less
- Small edit on Australia for the Giant Earth map
- Add Neva river on the Giant Earth map
- Add Kilimandjaro and Lake Victoria position on the Giant Earth map

v.20 (May 23, 2013)
- Bugfix: wrong starting location for Songhai on the Large Europe Map

v.19 (May 12, 2013)
- Bugfix: wrong version of Giant Earth Map released
- Redrawn Denmark, part of Baltic States and White Sea area, South-America west coast (from Cap Horn to Mexico)

v.18 (May 12, 2013)
- Add City-States TSL for cordiform earth map (thanks to Ekmek)
- Edit Large European map (add sub-Sahara) & add Songhai TSL.
- Small edit to the Giant Earth map near Persia starting position and North-america.
- Small change for compatibility with "Historical Spawn Dates" mod.
- Add Garama (Garamantes) City-States to all YnAEMP CS mods, add corresponding starting position to Giant Earth and Large Europe maps

v.17 (Oct 22, 2012)
- bugfix: new placement system for DLC Natural Wonders was crashing the mod when using vanilla civ5.

v.16 (Oct 20, 2012)
- Minor changes to the Giant Earth Map (remove some mountains, prepare position of new natural wonders, redraw north Africa coast to allow placement of Malte...)
- Add G&K natural wonders on all maps
- Add G&K City States TSL for Giant Earth Map
- Set citrus and truffle restrictions for Giant Earth Map

v.15 (Jun 22, 2012)
- Added Starting Positions for G&K civilizations on giant Earth, huge Earth and large Europe map.
- Moved Ottoman starting position a few tiles east.
- Denmark renamed to original value, no more Scandinavia.

v.14 (Jun 16, 2012)
- rebuild Mod project after HDD crash.
- add hotseat feature.
- upload to steam workshop

v.13 (Sept 07, 2011):
- 2 more maps added by Ambrox62 for AMC mod
- 2 small bugfix and 1 typo

v0.12 (Aug 13, 2011):
- added Western Mediterranean standard map by Ambrox62 for AMC mod
- added Mediterranean Large map by Ambrox62 for AMC mod
- added Korea TSL on all earth maps
- fixed requested resource for Songhai (typo)
- fixed resource shouldn't be placed on the starting plot of a civ
- fixed resource shouldn't be placed on an atoll
- added map specific configurable resources placement rules

v0.11 (Jun 29, 2011):
- patch compatibility : allow stone placement on maps

v0.10 (Jun 18, 2011):
- added Dieter's Europe map
- added TSL for vanilla civilizations and City-States to Dieter's Europe
- added TSL for ambrox62's Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations to Dieter's Europe
- added realistic resource placement option for Dieter's Europe map
- added code to rename natural wonder depending on map choice
- changed civs selection menu code, only civilizations with TSL for the current map can be selected
- fixed river error in Mesopotamia on giant earth
- added some grassland in Norway on giant earth
- removed City-States selection option, this is now done by choosing one of YnAEMP CS mod
- rewrite and clean some parts of the code

v0.9 (May 08, 2011):
- redrawned Scandinavia on giant map
- added TSL for Denmark on all maps
- added Rotterdam and Reykjavic CS to defaut and extended CS mod, with TSL for Giant and huge map.
- removed some european CS (Venice, Brussel, Budapest, Bucharest) from the default CS mod
- renamed Denmark civilization to Scandinavia
- City States : keep Oslo and Copenhagen, add Sydney and Quebec City TSL
- tweaked : change Iroquois TSL to make room for Quebec city
- added TSL for almost all CS on huge map
- bug fix : final map setup was called only when starting a game in ancient era, works with all start eras now.
- added function : save values for general options (game speed, era, difficulty)
- changed Ragusa TSL to Croatia
- Oslo and Copenhagen automatically removed from CS database when using Denmark DLC and any of YnAEMP CS mod. (note : if you don't use CS mod, only Copenhagen will be removed from the DB. Oslo will be removed from the game only if Denmark is one of the 22 civs selected at game launch)

v0.8 (Apr 10, 2011):
- tweaked : minimum city distance reset to pre-patch value (=2)
- added custom setup art file
- added some atolls in Pacific Ocean on all earth maps, add/redrawn Hawaii
- added polynesia start position on all earth maps
- balance : add some requested starting resources (whale and silver to England, wine and marble to Rome and Greece)
- tweaked resource placement order : place requested resource first then major deposit
- tweaked requested resource placement : on larger search always try to place the requested resource, even if a duplicate exist (could belong to another civ)
- tweaked vanilla resources table placement for Silver
- tweaked England on giant map : swap position of one land tile to make London a coastal city, added hills in city second ring for production, added 2 rivers
- tweaked Edinburgh on giant map : moved one tile north to give more room to England

v0.7 (Jan 31, 2011):
- added a third independant City State mod "extended" with 45 CS with TSL. Due to game engine limitation, only 41 can be loaded, and on those, some may be erased at start because of overlapping start location.
- tweaked the default CS mod (remove some overlapping CS transfered to the "extended" mod)
- added Lisbon (Portugal) City-State in default and extended CS mods
- Madrid and Cuzco automatically removed from database when using newworld DLC
- fix Incan starting position on huge map
- Ynaemp city State Leaders mod is now independant
- Compatibility check (only one city state mod allowed) added to the custom setup screen
- lots of small tweaks to prepare the (future) inclusion of Dynamic History mod
- added some more debug output to track the wrong map loading bug
- added Potoso position on the Giant Map (if the DLC is available)

v0.6 (Jan 16, 2011):
- changed name of map files
- added realistic resource placement option for huge map
- added deposit resource placement option for huge map
- added Rabat (Morroco) and Dakar (Senegal) City-States
- the special selections of city states are now independant mods to prevent bugs when reloading a game
- added background picture

v0.5 (Dec 18, 2010):
- compatibility: update mod for patch
- redraw (enlarge) UK islands
- splitted CS ingame option to selection option and placement option
- added Madeira's selection for testing purpose on giant earth
- added True Starting Location for Spain and Inca on all maps
- fixed bug: no resources where placed if using civs with no TSL
- fixed bug: don't assume that preselected civs alway exist
- fixed bug: once selected, the "no us" option wasn't modifiable
- tweaked civ's specific resources: added fish and fur to England, fish and pearl to Japan
- changed separation option (minimum, close, medium, away) for CS to 2,4,6,9 tiles (was 2,5,7,10)
- changed resource quantity option (poor, sparse, standard, abundant, riche) coefficient to 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 (was 0.33, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2)
- tweaked some civs starting positions on giant earth (thanx to PseRamesses)
- compatibility: removed dependancy to ingame.xml (thanx to smellymummy)
- merged "City States Leaders" mod by mihaifx

v0.4 (Nov 16, 2010):
- added option "Add specific resources at starting positions" for all maps
- "resource quantity" and "don't scale resouce" are now available for huge and standard map
- fixed position of Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta on huge map

v0.3 (Nov 14, 2010):
- fix a bug allowing (sometime a lot) more resources than needed to be placed
- added options: one to specify the quantity of resources to place and the "don't scale the resource with number of players" option
- tweak the resources placement
- use better code for deposits placement
- allow water resource to be placed really offshore

v0.2 (Nov 12, 2010):
- added the realistic random resource placement function
- create the XML files to use the r.r.r. placement with the Giant map
- some fixes and bug squashing

v0.1 (Nov 8, 2010):
- first release
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