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TTT Modern Alliances New 1914 version 2016-10-05

I always liked playing dacubz TTT Modern Aliances. He did a great job. But it is not quit finished yet. At this moment he is not responding to his thread. i sent him a pm to ask permission to adapt his Modern Aliance mod. So far he did not respond.
In the mean time i altered the mod to my own liking. And i wanted to share this with other players.
I will open a discussion thread soon.

Here are some changes i made for now:

Spoiler :
* Added goods factory for the largest cities. Workd like the Road to War factory.
* Added route: Secondary Road.
* Added 3 submarine visibility classes. In the default TTT MA submarine weren't visible at all.
* Limited worker force. You can capture workers and recapture workers.
* No airlifting possible
* Cultural victory is off
* Added buildings for all civs.
* Added medics (from 1939 WW2 Mod). Medic promotion for units is not available.
* Added bunkers and trenches. Also from the World War II - 1939 Mod
* Made unique units more important. Limited the default unit. Ex.: Only a few default medium tanks can be built but you can build many more Shermans, panzers or T34's.
* Limited default infantry. The largest civs can build more infantry.

Unfortunately the known bugs are not solved yet. Germany and UK cannot trade resources for some reason. Civics cannot be changed. j mie 6 has offered to look at this when he has the time. My own skilles don't go beyond xml at this moment.
You CAN however change civics in world builder very easy!!!

Future changes:

* add scenario 1941
* add unique infantry graphics for wwII infantry
* add elite infantry

Download, unpack and put it in the mod folder. Copy the original file if you prefer the other version.

:thumbsup: Special thanks to dacubz145 and aob86 for their excellent scenario and mod :thumbsup:

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