TUTORIAL: Loading ANY Save

Stop wasting your time hunting down their mods!

  1. chaorace
    I get a lot of save files, like... more than I can realistically test. This problem is compounded by the fact that most of these saves have mod-lists like this:

    I can't load this save... and I sure as hell don't know where to find "LOC_UIM_NAME"!
    Sure, I can go back to the user, ask that they reproduce their ultra-edge case in a new save, then upload that save, but, understandably, most people aren't willing to do this on my behalf.

    Lucky for you, me, and just about every mod developer under the sun, there's a very simple bypass for this. It requires FireTuner, but not much else!

    Step 1) Open the 2nd "LoadGameMenu" context (No, I don't know why there's 3 either)

    Step 2) Invoke: Controls.ActionButton:SetDisabled(false)

    Step 3) Click button

    There's probably a more elegant method for this, but I thought I'd share this little trick for anyone who may find themselves in the same boat as I was. Obviously keep in mind that this won't exactly reproduce the user's environment since you're ignoring their mods, but I find this to be moreso a positive aspect since I'm only really looking for issues in my mod.

    If you create a new save while force-loading like this, the new save will not be marked as dependent upon the mods. This is useful if you need to remove a mod dependency for a user experiencing a conflict if they want to play out their save. Keep in mind that saving with FireTuner enabled will disable achievements for all future loads of that save file.
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