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Twillight of Byzantium 2 2016-10-05

It is the year 1354. After attacks by turks and slavs the old Byzantine Empire have been reduced to a few cities scattered around Greece. The important islands of the Aegean have been divided by two Italian cities, Venice and Genoa. In southern Greece latin crusaders and hospitalers have established bases for introducing catholicism into the east. But a new power has emerged, a small new turkish beylik have conquered the city of Gallipoli and launched a jihad against Europe.

There are six playable nations, each with it's own special unit, except Byzantium which starts with a Golden Age, and Florence which can build a special wonder giving them their Golden Age.
Late in the game it will be possible to hire mercenary soldiers from Lombardy and the Balkans.

The final victor is determined by victory points. VP are scored throughout the game using standard values. There is only one VP location on the map, the metropolis of Constantinople. When advancing you will discover that some cities are able to build trading posts, that produces treasures. Returning one to its rightful place in the capital yields a bonus of 1000 extra VP. Another way to win is by controlling 35% of the territory and 45% the population.

On December the 20th a new version was released, dubbed Twillight of Byzantium 2. This is the download to the new version. Enjoy!
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What thread?
Is this for PTW or Conquest?
Thanks Dude very nice map Basil, Turk, Ottoman, Teodora, Fatih Sultan Mehmet WOOOOW
when i click download it it doesn't work. nothing happens.
Hi. Sorry for the late reply, but I rarely see these comments. Instead I advice people to post in the thread, if they have any questions, then I will repond much quicker. :)

Anyway. They indicate LM Terrain, which means that I have added (or rather changed) new terrain types to the scenario.
Downloaded this tonight, first impression is positive. :goodjob: Yet to play in earnest and give a full trial, just one thing, as a 'nooby' what do the gold triangles on the map indicate? Sorry to be thick but can't seem to work it out at the moment. :confused: Thanks for your work on this scenario and to the other contributors who have assisted in this venture. Just an aside, have just returned to C3 after playing 4 for several months, still find 3 to be the one! Can't draw comparisons with C2 as although I have it in chronicles still haven't played it. I am a firm believer in the fact that we shouldn't attempt to re-invent the wheel!!:(
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