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Twisted Mediterranean Map Large 2016-10-05

I am very proud of how this map turned out, hopefully it will not be too big for some of you.

A few notes:

For the reasons behind this perspective, see my original twisted med map thread.

I am cropping a couple versions of this will post them in the 2nd and 3rd post

I will be extending this to the north eventually, as it stands the north edge is around Kiev.

The map is heavily forested because of what I am using it for, you may want to remove some forest.

Call me wierd, but I don't like the way flood plains look on the mini map and I never really like the xtra food it gives compared to straight grassland??? so I put plains and grass around the nile and euphrates/tigris, change if you don't like.

There are no resources, starting locations, etc. Use this map to create your own scenario or import someone elses rules/resources/etc.

The present map full size is 250 by 150 for 18750 tiles, this is roughly comparable to 195x195. Check the second or third post for a substantially smaller map with some of the edges trimmed.

The rivers/terrain distribution in sudan/ethiopia and iran areas may need some tweaking, I didn't have good map resources to work from in these areas, also have no water sources in arabia as it is now.

There was a canal connecting the red sea and med in ancient times, I have this represented on the map so that a city on that location will allow passage, in case you were wondering why it looks wierd there.
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