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Two Units per Tile 1.1

Melee and ranged unit on the same tile - so 2UPT...

  1. V. Soma
    This a short and edited version of Gedemon's Combat and Stacking Overhaul mod - this one keeps only the part that makes the game 2UPT: one melee/cavalry and one ranged unit can share the same tile...

    AI also use this 2UPT...

    I also kept some changes of the original CSO that relates to combat, so most ranged units have range 1, only some modern units have range 2.

    Also some combat damage values are changed.

    If you only want the bare 2UPT part, keep only lines 30-61 in 2UPT_Rules.sql file and delete the rest before and after that.

    One thing to add:
    You cannot use this and the CSO mod at the same time, but I see this OK, as CSO contains all of this mod...
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