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Type 2 Ka-Mi Japanese tank transport 2016-10-05

Type 2 Ka-Mi Japanese tank transport

  1. rhodie
    The Type 2 'Ka-Mi' transport was the floating hull attached to the amphibious four-five man tank developed and used by the Japanese Navy marines during the Second World War from 1942 until 1945.

    Unlike all other Civ units, this exclusive tank transport has animated crew and was included in my C3C scenario 'Defeat into Victory 2'.

    Included are installation instructions, complete Civilopedia.txt, Pedia Icons.txt, pedia images and sound files.
    388KB RAR

    Click the thumbnail icon below to view complete animation.


    1. kami_transportlarge_5L2.jpg
    2. type_2_ka_mi_transport_anim_77z.gif